Movie Blog: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Since, I was into movies lately! I decided to make a movie blog to share to you guys how this movies I’ve watched appears exciting! Looks interesting, right? Of course…I was really skeptical about watching this film because I was discouraged beforehand since I was told that it was only a remake of the past planet of the apes movie. However, I’ve read good reviews and my friends told me the movie is great, so I was finally convinced to watch it.

SPOILER WARNING!! The film opens with a chimpanzee called Bright eyes who is being used to test a drug aimed at curing Alzheimer’s Disease (dementia) – a drug that coincidentally also vastly improves intelligence. Following a violent outburst, the trial has been terminated and the entire chimps involves in research are put down. Unknown to researcher that Bright eyes had a baby. So this is where the movie starts when Will Rodman (James Franco) takes home the chimp and named it Caesar, who was born to an experimental ape who was killed during a rampage. Caesar was raised, and discovered that Caesar inherited extraordinary intelligence from its mother. Caesar grew up showing human-like intelligence, which made Will decide to try the experimental drug to his father, who is suffering from dementia. Circumstances led to Caesar being admitted to a primate facility, which they are being mistreated. This led Caesar to create a revolution against the human.
Throughout the film I was struck by the ways in which Caesar was humanized. The resulting showdown between the apes and humans is thrilling. Overall, the movie is great. Both the story and the effects are exceptional, though I wasn’t more particular with the story since this was a remake, this focuses on mistreatment of animals, particularly with using the animals for testing and poor maintenance of animal facilities. James Franco, as usual, is great. I should emphasize Tom Felton’s abilities which made me hate him more (yeah, I still hate Draco Malfoy to this day). Also, notably when Caesar speaks for the first time. That part freaks me out too. At last, Caesar turned out to be still caring and chosen to stay at the forest which is originally their species’ home.

The story is interesting, the casts’ performance is impressive, the scenes are engaging, the climax is awesome. I could say that the movie is worth watching, and the effects is a good combination. Never at any moment of the film that I feel bored watching at. The whole thing is just exciting!

Thumbs up! :) All hail Caesar!! :))


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