Movie Blog: Final Destination 5

“Death can’t be cheated!”
I just watched this film last September 02, 2011 together with my movie buddy friend.

The last installment of the film is not that different from the rest of the Final Destination series – starting with a vision of death, and ending up being chased by it, which results to heart – pounding scenes and gruesome death of the “lucky ones” who have escaped from it. the opening credits tell you everything you need to know: random pompous objects (scissors, knives, fire extinguishers etc.), get chucked at you through smashing glass, in needle sharp, poke-you-in-the-eye. Although I kind of regret not watching it on 3D because there are some scenes which may look the best in 3D especially in the beginning of the movie.

The disaster start…..collapsing suspension bridge, where a bus-load of corporate retreaters are about to plummet to their deaths before a well-timed premonition. The whole death and fate concept is a very cool idea and it is creepy to think it might be true and when your times up, its up. This new film is no different from the others, the highlight being the major accident / death sequence at the start where everyone gets killed, always impressive, makes you wince and its fun in a rather morbid fashion.

Eye-catching credits starts us off and the excessively gross death were top notch, brutal, gruesome, and very cringe worthy beginning with a horrific bridge collapsed depiction that impressed me as well as the Lasic surgery scene which totally freaked me out. There are twists, turns, and scenes that made your stomach churn. Well, you get the idea.

I have to tell you that this movie is definitely only recommended and suitable for people above 18 years old of age, as there are many disturbing scenes from this film as expected. This is just such a vile and bloody ninety minutes of horror and humor all mashed together! Sorry for a bit of spoiler here! :P

I enjoyed the film but literally I still had the creeps and paranoia after watching this movie. When I saw the first death, I was like holding my friend and saying to her, “Why did we watch this again in the first place?!” LOL. As the movie goes deeper, I been saying, “Oh! F**k” for like a zillion times now! I keep on checking my watch to see how long this movie will end and trying to tell myself that it would be over. Sorry for being such a scared freak!! :))


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