3 idiots: Life lessons to be learnt. Follow your dream.

Honestly, I don’t like watching Bollywood movies maybe because I’m kind of judgmental and always underestimating Bollywood movies but now I can say after watching this it changed it all and it keep me really amazed. I didn’t expect Bollywood movie to be this good. Actually, this movie is been recommended by a friend because she told me it has a good story line which specifically focuses on dreams and friendship.

Bollywood movies are amusing, though some scenes can be ridiculous. As of this writing, I finished watching 3 idiots starring Aamir Khan. He’s so adorable.

I hope that Bollywood would influence Filipinos like Koreanovelas and J-doramas did. Life is all about listening to your heart and chasing your dreams. That’s the essence of 3 IDIOTS. Let me come to the point right away.

There would always be a hero and a damsel in distress.
And a villain. Either we save others, we kill others or we ask help from others. Life makes us choose a role for every situation, and we cannot be two persons at the same time.

The sing-and-dance portion.
Literally, I didn’t expect that there will be a sing and dance portion, where the main characters would lip-sync and dance in beautiful costumes with lots of back-up dancers. I love daydreaming. I think everyone loves it too. It’s never wrong to dream for the ideal that how we wish that life would be just a sing and dance routine with always have a happy ending. :)

The unending search for love.
The characters would search for the partner at all costs. Pia (the main female lead) escaped on her wedding day to look for Rancho (the hero), who ceased all contact for ten years. It is always cheesy, but aren’t we guilty for cheesiness when we’re in love??

3F’s: Forgiveness, Family and Friends. 
The 3F’s. Love is something minor. The 3F’s are the major issues. Even the mortal enemies in the movie learn to forgive. Even the hard-hearted dads let go of controlling their children.
If only people could learn that life is a lesson to be learnt, the world will be a better place. Every scene is special and brings with it something that’s out of ordinary.

The movies is such fun! I enjoyed the unique storyline and the mind – boggling twists and turns. Plus, there is the meaningful moment that you see coming but still feel the heart strings plucked anyway. This movies has it all, the comedy that makes us laugh out loud, the tearjerkers scenes, the singing and dancing that makes ‘3 Idiots’ a complete Bollywood movie that will make every people who would watch it would love it.

There are lessons in this film that hits me and keep in mind – Every bad situation can be solved and No such things as Bad Student, Only a Bad Teacher!! One of my favorites! Last word, one of the best friendship movies that ever be made…..I can guaranteed you that this movie keep you on the edge of your seat. A BIG TWO THUMBS UP for this movie!!! I would recommend you to watch it if you haven’t already.



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