Ritratto: Northern Lands Roadtrip adventure

From 7am it’s about to take almost 6 hours trip going to beautiful Northern Lands with my super friend(s). Sakit sa pwet fest sa pag-upo for 6 hours!
Me and my best buddy friend plan to went to the province of Pangasinan to visit the church of OUR LADY OF MANAOAG. Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Manaoag is a title given to the Blessed Virgin Mary, she is the patroness of the sick, the helpless and the needy. The church is one of the Philippines most widely visited Roman Catholic pilgrimage sites. Many people from across the Philippines come and visit the town of Manaoag, where the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary enshrined in a church dedicated to this name. It is located Manaoag, Pangasinan about 200 kilometers from Manila.

One of the places that wow as inside the Manaoag Church is the Our Lady of Manaoag Rosary Garden. This is one of the peaceful place you could found in the church grounds of Our Lady of Manaoag. This is a real garden with a purpose, were you could find life-sized statues of Jesus Christ and Mama Mary will transport you back to the life of Christ. This garden has a perfect landscape and the plants and flowers are perfectly care by the “manangs” and “manongs”. Another feature is an imposing waterfall with a large fishpond and a fountain in the center of the garden.
This garden also welcome pilgrims with its green lush surrounding. There are also big gazebos that provide shade and serve as sitting and rest area. So when you are planning to go to Manaoag, please do visit this garden and together with your family and loves one pray the rosary and say your prayers and petitions to Lord Jesus Christ and Mama Mary.
There’s also a spot there where you can light your candles and offer prayers for your special intentions.

This experience for me is all first time experience because I don’t go to far places or out of towns plans like this without the company of my parents but since I think I’m old enough to have this kind of adventure. Just wanna share you guys some of my thoughts and my photos with my friend.
First time out of town-ing with friend.
Long hours travel trip.
Commute. Bus.
Bipolar weather.
Road trip. Adventures.
Prayers. Church.
Craziness. Bad hair day.
Foods. Kwentos.
Laughs. Loud noises.
Wasted. Pictures.
Nature. Garden.

It was a great day to start the weekend for us to renew and refresh our mind, body and soul. Did so many things! Always nice to get away from the city even just for a bit. Fall in love with the nature. Strong breeze feels sooooooo refreshing! We all just need some fresh air!

A lot of things happened but these are the highlights. :D Well, at least those that had pictures. What a tiring but very HAPPY DAY!! :)) A couple of snaps from our trip. Thank you Lord for this day well spent!! Nevertheless, I ENJOYED THE WHOLE DAY… 


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