Miss Universe 2011: Miss Philippines, almost there!!

This morning, most of the Filipinos all over the world will again be glued in front of the television to watch the annual Miss Universe pageant which is broadcasted in ABSCBN Channel 2 Live in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Not just Filipinos but also other human nationality. Maybe.

Good news is, this year, we don’t just have to rely on what we think or what we believe and what we could do more than just hope and pray. By just a click of a button, we could automatically place her as one of the 15 semifinalist. Good news that Shamcey Supsup is leading the online poll. As the online polls proliferated, she was number 1 in all voting systems there are. When she appeared in the main pageant, she projects grace, natural poise, sexiness and elegance, her confidence sharpened, her body more toned and her gesture more fit for a modern day beauty queen. She is most confident in the Question and Answer portion. To trace back, she lives as one of the smartest, graduating with honors “magna cumlaude” from the very prestigious University of the Philippines. After all, she topped the national architectural board.

So when  the TOP 16 was named, Shamcey was called 14th in the Top 16. All of a sudden, I felt proud. I surprised the way she walked the stage when she continued on the swimsuit competition. So sharp that the Latina early favorites were wiped out.

Shamcey was able to pick the judge Viviene Fox’s name who threw her the most difficult question. The question: “Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person you love?” Shamcey answered, “If I had to change my religious beliefs, I will not marry the person I love. Because the 1st person that I love is God who created me. And I have my faith, my principles and this is what makes me who I am. And if that person loves me, should love my God too.”

I was expecting nothing less than First runner-up. But when the results came, she was called Third runner-up. The crowned Miss Universe is Miss Angola. Not so contented about the results but nevertheless, I’m happy. Although in my opinion, she deserves better than 3rd runner up. I wished that she must be the 1st runner-up. Well, Miss Angola deserves it to be the Miss Universe 2011 as the judges finally mark her as one.

Shamcey Supsup may not have bagged the elusive international beauty title but to a lot of Filipinos, she still is  a true winner. Lovely job! Congratulations! You made the Philippines proud!


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