A Liter of Light

No one really associates a plastic bottle with a lighting bulb. However, Isang Litrong Liwanag (“A Liter of Light”) a Philippines based-program aims in bringing free indoor lighting to some of the country poorest residents.

This is simple, cheap, and unbelievably effective idea. This is brilliant. I am amazed. A simple innovation – using water, bleach, one liter soft drink plastic bottle, and some epoxy, sealed into the roof becomes a natural solar light bulb. Once it’s all done the refracted light is powerful enough to brighten up home.

Take a moment to watch the resourcefulness and innovation of a Pinoy. Love this nice mini-docu. The video says it all, and you’ll be surprised at how bright the “bulb” is.

I hope this A Liter of Light campaign will reach those remote areas which lacks or does not have access or supply of electricity.

You can also visit their Facebook Page and check out their website. SPREAD THE WORD!!


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