Simple bliss equals to simple pleasures…..

Life is filled with a lot of pressures, but the best are those SIMPLE and FREE; FELT and UNSEEN. These gifts of life are come in different ways and have different effects to us and sometimes subconsciously we take great pleasure in this simple ways.

As extraordinary individuals, we all have our own “weird”, strange and crazy source of simple joys. Just when you thought that you were the only one enjoying such, you might find yourself surprised in sharing the same kind of happiness with others too.
Give joy, Spread love and cheers to positive vibes!!
A few of my simple joys:
*Ice cream.
*Coffee. (But not the hot one)
*Movies. (I’m a movie buff)
*A wonderful dream
*Finding money which I remember where I kept.
*Reading an old letter from friends.
*The very sight of light from window as I wake up.
*A good laugh.
*A short eye contact with someone I find interesting.
*Sunshine after the rain.
*Communicating with friend with just staring. :)
*Being with my friends.
*Spending time with people I love.
*SLEEP! The best!
*Food. You name it, except yung kadiri at di ko talaga kinakain. Hehe!
*A hearty conversation with friends.
*A good photograph.
*Being with my loved ones.
–> That pretty much wraps everything up!!!!

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