“Time isn’t what makes friendship last. It’s love and devotion that keeps the tie between the souls.”

div style=”text-align:justify;”>One Friday afternoon (Nov. 18, 2011) our friend, Clang told us that she has a surprise with us! We really make weird guesses like we’re playing pinoy henyo asking her, “Tao ba to?” “Pagkain ba to?” “Baboy ba to?” and everything. Then, BOOM!!! as we walked we were so shock and surprised when we see Bobby and Paige. 

Finally, after almost four months of not seeing each other! Here they are making time to see us. We were like little children hugging freely inspite of those people keep on looking on us! Bobby is overwhelmed with our reactions when we saw them because we all turn red and excited! Hahaha

From Left to right: Clang, Bobby, Angie, Paige, Me and Mommy Gina!

Since, its lunch time we decided to eat at Jollibee and of course, “kwento”, laughing and telling each other stories is also really a part of that day. I enjoyed the meal, but I was in heaven with the company and conversations most! It was good to just sit down there and reminisce about our past “kalokohans” and talk about different things like our next bonding day and even some hot issues and many more.

7 of us here. But since there’s no one who will take our picture. Bobby do the honor.
Bern, Clang, Angie, Mommy Gina, Paige, and me. 
So, obviously we didn’t take as many photographs as we should have. That’s what happens when I just enjoy myself. These are the kinds of moments that I love. 

From Left to Right: Bern, Bobby, Paige, Me, Mommy Gina and Clang
And to end this blog post, it is important to surround yourself with people who you can trust, inspire you, are supportive (optimistic) and are REAL! God bless us! Hope to meet this people again soon! :))


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