I love you, Dog!! :3


The youngest member of the family. LOVABLE chichi.

Because we find her cute and lovable, I’ll introduce you to my dog and her named is “CHI-CHI”. Since it’s her birth month, I just give this one page post just for her. Happy 8th birthday!! and counting. :)))

Her breed is a toy poodle. She wants people around. She cries whenever she sees no one in there. T.T Ooh, and she’s too small for her age. 

She’s a very sweet, “malambing” dog. Whenever I’m around, she always make a cute puppy look just to make me go near her. 

She’ll always jump on my lap whenever she has a chance. She’s also a jealous one! Haha! Whenever there someone coming near me she always bark as loud as she wants to those people. Haha! :)) She only wants the attention to herself *Spoiled dog!!*

Whenever I have free time, I’ll make sure to have time to play and bond with her, which I enjoy! :D

SOOOO there…Here are some of her funny, cute pictures and our moments together.

This is my dog. I love her dearly. We sleep in the same bed and she loves staying under sheets with her own pillow. She jumps really high and can do drifts! She barks really loudly. I’m her first line master *of course! * and my mom is just second in line as being her boss. Hehe :P She waits for me patiently every time I slept late but sometimes she couldn’t help but go to bed first. When she’s naughty, super “makulit” and make something bad I punish her. Believe me she does not go near me at all unless I called her. Except , well she shivers cause of fear. However, she says sorry after doing something bad with those teary, puffy beady black eyes. She helps relieve my stress, her eyes, wagging tail and company makes me happy and bring simple joys to our family, my living canvas. Whenever I had a bad day, she simply stares at me or sits beside me. Once in a while, she would lick my hand as if she’s telling me that ‘It’s okay!’. She gives me that look and never fails to brighten my day. 

I love and respect chi-chi just like the other animals. They are capable of loving us more than we do, I know because my dog loves me and my family. Our dog, never fails to put a smile in our face. I’m glad, I have a dog! :D


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