..will aim not to be a "NEW" me this new year, but a "NEXT LEVEL" me! ;)

My year – ender entry, so I hope 2012 will just be awwwzum. :>

So how did everyone celebrate Christmas? I know everyone had fun especially when they receive Christmas presents from their loved ones! But I bet everyone is much more excited for the coming New Year! Seems like it’ll be a good start to make a new beginning too huh?!

Few hours before officially start the 2012, I was just lying in our sofa reminiscing all the things that happened to me during this year. 2011 was really incredible. A lot of things happened to me that I really didn’t expect. There were NO REGRETS, BUTs and WHAT IFs. It was like ‘living, loving and laughing’ my life to the fullest. But the chapter for 2011 is nearly closed, and the chapter for 2012 has started.

2011 is a whole year of endless possibilities, a lot of them massively awesome surprises, birthday celebrations, a few drunken moments, the most ridiculous adventures, ‘galaan’ bonding moments,  living like a rockstars and a tad bid of (good?) shameful moments that I will forever remember. 2011 has been an unending ride on a rollercoaster life.  Besides the given ups and downs, there have been so many memorable firsts as well as a couple of lasts. I’ve made new friends, new experiences and new opportunities.

This year has proven to be a year full of surprises and blessings – GOD has truly provided for me this year. Thank you Lord God!! :) I’ve gotten to know a lot of people on a whole new level this year – from merely acquaintances to friends for keeps! :) I know distance got nothin’ on us. Thanks guys! :D To my dearly family that been a really important part of my life, all my success and pride are with you. Without your patience and guidance, I won’t be the person I am now. You love me unconditionally and it will never dry up. My family and friends that I will treasure forever, YOU’RE ACTUALLY THE BULK OF MY 2011 HAPPINESS!!! :D **Haha :)) sooo much drama for me!! but this one I actually feel**

This year, I didn’t ask God for anything more than what I needed yet he gave me things that helped me be a better person. I can’t believe how much I’ve grown in the past year. My mistakes have thought me humility, my triumphs gave me pride, and my loved ones taught me balance. You’ll never get anywhere being perfect. So thank you life for being such an ASS sometimes. People forget we need it.

I’m excited for 2012. I just know I’ve finally ended one ridiculously long chapter of my life and I’m hella ready to start this new one with an awesome introduction. If the last couple of hours of 2012 gonna serves a teaser for the year that is to come, I’m totally stoked!! :))

To everyone who’s been a part of my 2011, the good and the bad, through the sweet, the sour, and the bitterness but mostly the SWEETNESS!! of our shared experiences, Thank you! From every part of my heart  and not just the bottom. Thanks! :D 

Cheers twenty twelve!! Let’s all welcome it with a BANG!!! 

Just good vibes for everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ^-^ BRING IT ON 2012!! :))


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