Why I can’t stop reading GOOD BOOKS?

“Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provide. In reading great literature I become a thousand men and yet remain myself. Like the night sky, I see with myriad eyes, but it is still I who see. Here, as in worship, in love, in moral action, and in knowing, I transcend myself; and am never more myself when I do.” – C.S Lewis


From a girl who HATED reading…..

I’d originally thought to call this post “why ebooks??” Haha! But, on reflection, I want to reflect on the more ‘s basic question of why BOOKS AT ALL. It’s a hard question for me to ask – simply because I’m not a reader . For me TV/movies was easily better way to spend time because I was able to see the pictures right in front of my eyes, and I didn’t even have to try to imagine it. That works for me. I know what you’re thinking! ‘She was such a lazy kid.’ In truth, you’re right. I was lazy. I spent more time in front of television/my laptop. That is, until I picked a certain book. Books are such a basic part of everybody’s life.

To a girl IN LOVE of reading…..

My first book that I fell in love with is Twilight Saga. Hard to believe, eh?? I’ve also finished reading the The Best of Me (Nicholas Sparks), my disappointing Nicholas Sparks book!! >.<, Hush Hush saga (Becca Fritzpatrick), sooooo fictional! which from the first time I opened those pages, I was hooked!! and there is no going back. I’m soooo kilig! Thanks to my friend for recommending this! :D Lastly, My Name is Memory (Ann Brashares), this story is what you called destiny, a love that forever and beyond. :D

And at this moment I’m still reading this novel The Lucky One, which is another tender tale from Nicholas Sparks. While I read through this book I am enjoying the plot. :) 

Me, currently reading ‘The Lucky One’ 

It was just that I had this feeling to read it…..and it’s like calling my name!! Since, I enjoying my rest day or what you called being a bummer for a while.I just plan to have a good book and just read, read, read! I’m such a geek! O-O I read the book for 2-3days, which was quite an accomplishment for a TV/movie lover like me. It was compelling enough to keep me reading. I had to force myself to put it down…to eat, shower and such. CLAP, CLAP for me! I’m sooooo proud of myself! ^-^ I spend hours, and still do, diving into a world of passion, fantasy and suspense. Of love and humor. And of course, as always, that much-loved happy ending. 


The question is…why the heck not? Okay, call me a romantic if you like but I don’t know these are just the kind of novels that I really want to read. With a good romance, you get freedom to dream. Dream that your life turns out as happy as those people in books. 

As soon as you read one, you’re stuck. And you want to sink deeper and deeper into their worlds. You want the passion that they express. The reason I like them as much as I do, is that they give the readers a chance to hope that you can have the same happy ending that the characters have encountered. I am a hopeless romantic, and I’m guilty of that! Haha :))) So keep bringing me those deliciously, steamy, heartwarming and powerful novels. 

So why I do love reading??

*Breakaway to real world

Romance or not although I recognize that some of these novels can be purely fictional although I love to think that those happily ever after can be real. They provide a short escape from the everyday problems and concerns we face. The happy endings can often put me in the good mood. I will give none of the plot away, but I will say that this book can change on the way I think about the world…that will cause me to ‘transcend myself’. And I’m happy to confirm that I have no trouble immersing myself in a novel. 

*Amazing places and wonderful eras

I guess you can say I saw some of these places in my mind from reading these novels. Bringing back and imagining those historical eras with their rich tradition.

*Helped me in my English (written)

You can laugh about this. This sounds funny!! Hahaha :)))) But yeah, it helps me improve my english. These novels taught me to write well. In fact, I don’t remember any novels that have misspelled or even have grammatical errors. They were just perfect, and how these authors write such wildly descriptive words and startling wit that make me admire them. :)

BOOKS, on the other hand, can be breathtaking, devastating, captivating, and they are full of what we lack. As people were bustling about and performing their daily tasks, it occurred to me that I am living other people’s stories, the stories of an author’s character, of their villain, their landscapes, their desires and motives. 

So there you have it! This entry is kinda long. Wheeewh! And that’s why I can’t stop reading good books. I’ll try to make some reviews on books I’ve finished reading. 

Till then, HAPPY READING!!! :D


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