Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

Coz’ it’s my parents day!!

To celebrate this special occasion, we just had mass at Megamall then have lunch at Teriyaki Boy and watch movie! Happppppppppyyyyyy! :D

I’m listing 25 because they just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last January 29, 2012. Hehe :)) Here’s hoping to be the blast between them and among our family! :D Twenty five years of love, blessings and covenant. 

1. They’re together, together.
2. Love is so obvious between them that even as their personality changes, they still mix well!
3. They’re funny, silly and witty. Things that held the family through times of trouble and grief. 
4. They don’t remain angry at each other. Their biggest fight usually lasted for just an hour.
5. Their impeccable guiding skills in life made or makes me a better person.
6. They have both good taste! It’s a fact kasi napili nila ang isa’t isa. Haha! :D
7. They still discover new things about each other.
8. Empathy: They both have it instinctively! SUUUUPPPER! :)
9. They don’t need us, their children, to get excellent grades in school to prove our worth.
10. They never initiated sibling rivalry.
11. As individuals, they’re very independent. Together, it marries as well.
12. TRUST, RESPECT and HONESTY — these are the three assets that guide their marriage.
13. They’re sweet and cuddly to each other. Nagkikilitian at naglalambingan sa harap namin! Tama ba yun! Haha :))
14. The problems that come are being talked about, not shouted or scream about especially not physically fought about.
15. They discuss important matters to us!
16. They never gave limitations to family roles, like I’m the youngest but they never boxed me with that. They never told me that I cannot give opinions or make decisions because I’m youngest, or something like that.
17. Freedom of speech is very evident in out home. And I’m very thankful with that.
18. They’ve educated us very well.
19. They’re very proud of each others’ achievements especially us their children and they support each other through. 
20. SUPPORT is always there. There was never a time I felt bad because they weren’t there for me! Even though there are times I become such a lazy, magastos, pasaway daughter! Thanks so much Mom and Dad! :D
21. Both of them are strong people. I don’t know what kind of family this would have become if one of them was weak.
22. They let us discover things for ourselves but of course, with their words of wisdom and guidance. That’ll be both awesome and annoying you know. Hehe :P
23. They’re both food buffs! I can’t imagine life without love for good food! My mom was awesome in cooking good dishes!!! :D
24. They love each other infinite and beyond! I’m a witness of that! :))
25. Lastly, THEY LOVE ME and MY SISTER!! ♥ 

Mommy and Daddy, though I don’t say this often, sometimes I just wanna shout it for the whole to hear it. I LOVE YOU MOMMY AND DADDY very muuuuucccchhhh!!!!

HAPPY 25th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to the most loved real life couple and counting!! You both have been such an inspiration into our life.  


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