Chew on this: Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

When I hear Cinnabon, I think of the creamiest and sweetest cinnamon rolls. Something as sweet and as creamy as this may not be so good for our health. Good thing, one roll will do the trick! WOW, talk about  ‘Heaven in your mouth!’ The cream cheese on top makes it distinctly Cinnabon. The soft bread and the cream that makes you think you’re eating one of the best tasting cinnamon flavored bread. I usually prefer to eat this warm and some prefer with a hot coffee but for me since I don’t drink hot coffee I usually like to order one of their best creamy chillatas

Today was totally different, when we face the temptation of Cinnabon. Haha :)) Me together with my mom were supposedly go to Podium to check out the Esparille store coz’ I’m planning to get a new pair with a new color. But, when we walked past the inviting corner of Cinnabon, just by the second floor escalators. Well, all of a sudden, our feet started walking in the direction of Cinnabon, and before we knew it we found ourselves  placing our orders at the counter. Cinnabon has a very aromatic baked cinnamon rolls that often carry their aroma within the area. The smell of cinnamon always attracts me. Both the cinnamon and coffee are freshly baked there and are a welcome change to the more often visited Starbucks and Coffee bean. 

Cinnabon at Podium Mall

Having the Cinnabon classic roll that day is like being in a place like no one else except me enjoying life. It’s feel like my sweet tooth cravings is very satisfied! :D It was a delicious treat indeed. The sweet, warm cinnamon classic makes my day complete. I simply love the sweet aroma and taste of my all time favorite desserts. 

Cinnabon was familiar almost to all people out there, all right! It’s one of those places that never fails to put a smile in your face! Every penny you spend is worthily spend! 

Visit the Cinnabon store nearest you! 


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