Tad of RANDOM about the blogger…

Since I have nothing to write I decided in making some RANDOM FACTS about the BLOGGER. Hihihi :))
I’m kinda bored here! 

First, as far as I am concerned, I have been living my life to fullest and I love it!

*I prefer watching movie to reading a book. Yeah! I’m a movie buff. But, wait that principle change lately, coz’ when I became hooked on the book I can’t stop reading.

Random BLOGGER. :)

*I have a big heart for fashion. I love shoes, bags and clothes.

*Everything around me has to be neat and properly arrange. I’m kinda an OC person but in a good way.

*I prefer dry seasons than the wet ones because I find it hassle for me whenever it rains.

*I take a bath at least two times a day irregardless of the weather coz’ I cannot sleep without at least washing up first.

* I want to reinvent myself. I think change is good.

* I love to write, less speak and express myself in thoughts and words.

*There are people always thinks I’m unapproachable and snobbish when they first see me. Because I’m a silent person and I have this kind of persona that I don’t talk unless that person talk to me first. If I talked to you first, it means I want to be friends with you but it rarely happens. :p But I hope they change their minds after the times they spent with me.

*I’m not the type who always says “I Love You” to friends or family personally. But, If I say it through text or letters, its true! Of course, I mean it. :)

*I don’t mind being with different cliques, I don’t limit myself with one group. It’s good to chat with different people, it helps me learn and grow as a person.

*I super love sweets!! Chocolates, cakes, candies, ice cream. Name it!! I have a sweet tooth. :))

*I’m not fond of anything made with ube unless it’s an ice cream.

*I would love to learn to dance unfortunately dancing does not reciprocate my feeling on it! Hehe :P

*I am a dreamer and believer. I want to do so much in my life, and feel one lifetime isn’t enough for all the wonderful things there is to do in this earth.

*I always have this panic button ready to be pressed every single time depending on the situation I was.

*What I am now has been the product of a series of giddy and bittersweet moments of my life.

*Maybe I’m the worst person I know to keep in touch with. Why?? because I’m not fond of attending reunions and parties unless it’s with close friends and family. The introvert in me is kicking in. Haha

*I’m a super dog lover. I love dogs! I have a  dog, chi-chi, who is the baby of our family.

*I love beaches and oohhh, the picture of white sand and blue clear water.

*I’m very loyal to my family and friends and would fight if someone done bad to them. I could care less what other people say about me as long as they don’t target the people I love!

*I am extreme of personalities. I can be the most bubbly person now and a cross over later. But I do a good job concealing with that matters.

*Those people who know me think I have problem or bad mood when I keep quiet. I don’t think silence is a bad thing. Also it helps make things not getting worst.

*I’m not used sleeping alone. I used to share a room with my ever favorite sister.

*I must say I’m more of a daddy’s girl even though I have a close bond with both mommy and daddy. 

*I care even when people think I don’t.

*I am more a listener than a talker. Like a writer than an actor! But, sometimes I used to give out my opinions. 

*I don’t give up easily. But I learned sometimes waiting is a better choice. It helps you grow in ways you never think you would.

*I think the strongest, most important thing in this world is LOVE and TRUST, not money it was people necessity.

*Little things make me happy and when these accumulate they become enormous…and that makes it most special. That’s why my friends always told me that I’m “mababaw ang kaligayahan”. I appreciate even the smallest thing you do for me. Even just simple “Hi! or Hello!” makes me feel appreciated and I highly value it.

*I’m very easy to please. Little things to some it’s nothing, but for me it’s SOMETHING. :))

*I’m a sucker of good foods. Good foods gives me an unexplainable happiness.

*I believe in the need for a little bittersweet in life. It’s those moments of life that make everything else goes smoothly.

*I’m a fan girl!! That’s my favorite role. I love Korean stuffs and dramas, series, movies.

*I know I’m not the most lucky and fortunate of all people, but I know how to live with it and I’m okay!! :)) Fighting!!

*I ultimately adore roses and tulips.

*I admire those guys who have good character and personality, sense of humor and who knows how to handle conversation…but HUMBLE.

I easily find attractive guys whose kinda bad boy but with soft heart deep inside and humble gentleman type guys with a good taste of fashion.

*I love my family and friends even though sometimes they are usually the source of my problems. I don’t exactly know how to quantify HOW and WHY I love them all, just know I do. :)) 

LASTLY, I think this facts about myself is way too much information. So…that’s all I have to say. ^.^

Like I said, Randoms. 


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