Visita Iglesia…Holy Week 2012

Philippines, being a Catholic country, it holds many religious activities. One of it, is the observance of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ which is during the Lent Season. During the Lent season Catholic Filipinos perform their sacrifices and penance. Also, during these week-long holiday majority of Catholic devout perform religious activities such as going on pilgrimages on different churches and visit churches or what we called Visita Iglesia where Catholics visit seven (7) churches, while some are simply stay in their homes, do prayer and penance at their parish church or chapels. 

Obviously, I am a Catholic. I was born and raised in a Catholic family. I grew up in a hometown where senakulo (Passion plays) and pabasa still does every Holy week. And for Catholics the Visita Iglesia or church visits has been a tradition of the faithful. This tradition is also practiced by my family every year. My mom makes sure that all of us will participate. Since my dad don’t want to be stuck in the traffic we had our visita iglesia last good friday (april 6) which usually done during maundy thursday. So, I woke up at around 5:00am. Although I was bit lazy to get up, I forced myself to get off my bed because I didn’t want to miss this kind of sacrifice to the Lord our God which is done every year.  

This post refers to the churches which we had visited. We visited seven churches but to some it even extends to fourteen churches. So here it goes:

1st Church: Cainta, Rizal
2nd church: Pasig City
3rd church: Libis, Quezon City
4th church: Greenmeadows Ave, Quezon City
5th church: Guadalupe, Makati City
6th church: Bel-air Village, Makati City
7th church: Makati City

In every visits we recite the Stations of the Cross in each church. The Station of the Cross represents the final hours of Jesus Christ before he was crucified. This habit is practiced as an act of penance during the Holy week. Here some of our few pics.

My Mom and Dad @ Sto. Rosario de Pasig church
Me and Mom @ Don Bosco church – Final Station of the cross
Mommy and Daddy again! @ Don Bosco Church

During Holy week, it’s our time to REFLECT and DEFLECT. Let us not forget the real essence of Lenten Season. It is not just about fasting and abstinence just to say that you’ve done your part. It is about remembering, wherever we might be, how much love Jesus had to sacrificed Himself to saved us all. Let us all be thankful for the unconditional love He gave us. Remember, GOD IS AWESOME, all the time! 

Hope you guys, have a blessed Holy week and week-long holiday!! 


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