It’s been a while…..

It has been a couple of months or maybe a year since we met in this company. If not with our professor’s wake, we will never be able to meet again. On the other note, I would like to thank one of our best professor during our college days, Ms. Zelda Villalon, May she rest in peace! :'(

Anyway, even though there is a sad part in us because of the bad news we received, we enjoyed this day coz’ we see each other again! We miss having long ‘kwentuhans’ with each other. We are joking around that we still in the midst of BUM LIFE!! Hahaha!! What’s new??!! That’s why our barkada is called TEAM PETIX, literally! :))

We all meet in SM Sta. Mesa. Fooling around at Mcdo! And yes, every time we hang out, we didn’t miss to take pictures, formal or wacky! Yes, we are camwhore-vain people! I miss them. I miss them a lot! Hope to see this crazy people again soon!! :P Here are some pics:

Clockwise: Michael, Me, Wes, Bern, Sha, Daniel

Who’s the culprit??!! Hahaha :)))
Meet the boys! L-R: Michael, Daniel, Wes


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