Moving Closer

The very first time I heard about this song in radio, I thought it was from a foreign band/artist but when I knew who sang it, I was so amazed and felt proud of how much Filipinos can be even greater and can also compete around the globe. I’ve been quite out of the OPM loop since last year I guess, although I listen to some popular songs depending on my mood and sometimes I bother to download a copy of it. That’s maybe because I’m just into american songs or Kpop right now.

I came to discover this wonderful song from NEVER THE STRANGERS band. Thanks to new Close-Up TV commercial for being featured as the jiggle song so it achieved extreme popularity.  MOVING CLOSER or “inch by inch, we’re moving closer” as it is more popularly known is their current hit song. This is particular to those who were currently in love or is going to dedicate this song to their prospective special one in the future. It is a beautiful song with a beautiful intro using the piano that is later joined by guitar and drums. What I really like about is it sounds simple, the singing is steady and easy to sing along with. It makes you LSS in the tune. Especially, the lyrics are simple yet so good. It’s quite sweet and makes you feel “kilig”.

When you smile, everything’s in place
I’ve waited so long, can make no mistake
All I am reaching out to you
I can’t be scared, got to make a move
Come away with me
Keep me close and don’t let go

The song intended to say is about a guy taking a step forward and is on the midst of confessing to a girl — ‘Moving Closer’, which the title says itself, simple! Every time I listen to this song, you just want to fall in love all over again, thinking about life, love, friendship, relationship and family. It gives you this giddy feeling to not be scared of falling and making mistakes, taking risks, get crazy once in your life. FALL IN LOVE. ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE.

Inch by inch, we’re moving closer
Feels like a fairytale ending 
Take my heart, this is the moment
I’m moving closer to you

Here’s the link for full lyrics: Moving Closer – Never the Strangers


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