Sick days

What’s up!! 

I’m not feeling well. I am sick. With the flu. Damn! cough and colds. That’s right! — Faucet-like nose that just doesn’t want to stop producing mucus, hot forehead, itching throat, you name it!! I’ve got it! I have no appetite for the past few days. All I eat for couple of days is a pack of crackers and for whatever reasons, a mushroom soup can be beat by nothing when you’re sick. I just drink many glasses of water and just hoping I’ll be able to keep it down. The doctor is in me, and I am prescribing myself a chill pill. I was stuck in my room, lying around the four corners of my bed. As you imagine I haven’t been online much since I’ve been sick, so I apologize for the lack of blogs. 

Okayyyy!! I do have many things lined up in my mind, waiting for it to be post. But, I dunno. I’m just gonna take it easy, I guess. So thank God! Now, I feel much better. :)) No fever at all. Only this stuffy nose to make business with. Thanks to my mother dear for taking care of me.  I just thought I should post so you all know I’m not dead, I just feeling like I’m dying. LOL! :P

Hope everyone’s doing well out there! Have a good day!!


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