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I don’t often do movie reviews but sometimes a movie breaks through the awesomeness barrier and I just have to tell someone about it. Consider this your mild SPOILER WARNING!!!

I just watch the movie yesterday. I will try not to exaggerate the said franchise but I will share my thoughts on it. A MUST WATCH!! But be sure to watch each of their movies first. Let the fangirl mode begin.

What do you expect when six mighty super heroes – Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, assemble together in a big screen for one common purpose?? Two words: AWESOME and EPIC.

Given the people hunger for comic book films and the name recognition behind Marvel’s characters, it is perhaps that in a multi-superhero film it is tough to do justice to each character. Imagine a multi-superhero film?? Yet, to the delight of movie lovers it proves that it is actually pulls the impossible with fun, humour and unbelievable panache in THE AVENGERS.

At last, wait is over my friends!! It is finally hitting the big screens, in its ever glorious presence. I have to say that this is definitely the superhero movie that we’ve been waiting forever since we read in the front pages of the comics. It is a ‘team’ movie that we have been waiting for.

The cast is great in this movie, they are perfect for their roles and they are developed very well. Everyone in this movie is great. As every minute of The Avengers, the film started throbs with heart-pounding fun, from the big opening apocalyptic scene at the S.H.I.E.L.D base to the gargantuan effects-soaked final battle. With scientist performing secret experiments on an all powerful object known as Tesseract, S.H.I.E.L.D’s defenses are break as controlled by Loki. He opens a portal to Asgard before they make with the cube. With an object of limitless power now in the hands of dangerous man, S.H.I.E.L.D director (Jackson) is felt with no option but to pull together a team of superheroes to try and save the planet from total destruction.

Firstly, you are unlikely to find a more likable ensemble of characters in the film. Not only do you get to witness the show of Iron Man and Captain America fight alongside each other, and The Hulk and Thor smashing people together. But you’re also greeted with terrific witty back and forth between them all. The interaction and camaraderie is a common theme throughout the film. The Marvel movies thus have shared the same primary strength and weaknesses. They all absolutely nail their characters only to put them in middling conflicts resolved through bad-to-mediocre-action scenes.

Chris Evans (Captain America/Steve Rogers), in this movie you really see him being a team leader, saying out orders that actually works and pretty much how he interacts is interesting.

Then, we got Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man/Tony Stark), packing a bunch og new toys on his suit and his new home. One of them is this awesome, a kind of fully automated Iron Man wardrobe. Tony Stark just walks through it and his Iron Man suit comes off. WOW!!! This takes a special relationship between a man and his machine to a different level. I love how he interacts with the team and his humorous dialogues that he spits out every once in a while that makes the audiences laugh.

Chris Hemsworth (Thor), he is also great in this movie. He is awesome as Thor. Hot as always! Oh, and his accent…Rawrrr!! LOL

Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk/Dr. Bruce Banner), is a bad-ass in this movie. This movie is what The Hulk is the best at. He brings a wonderful new shade of his character and really steals the show. He makes you laugh heartily when he beats up Loki in a continuous smashing-in-the-floor style. The Hulk wins the heart of audience and emerges as the most likable among all super-heroes. The other surprise that audience roar is when The Hulk meets the looking gargantuan snake whatever it called, an alien mechanical destroyer, head long and makes it crash, stop and wrack into pieces.

Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow/Natalie Romanoff), is a cool, sexy and hot as well. She is smart ans suave.

Another new-comer we have is Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye/Clint Barton), he does a good job pulling both a bad-guy-good-guy role. The script didn’t offered him a variety of action scenes. However, he shoots with a modern bow and arrow style without looking.

Samuel Jackson (Director Nick Fury), is just perfect in his role, he really has a lot to do in this movie. Spit-out clever one-liners here and there with more depth.

And lastly, we have Tom Hiddleston (Loki), a confident, fearsome villain. He makes an interesting villain, and a scene involving him and the Hulk towards the end will leave your face with the widest grin. Regardless of his actions, you can always see the evil but vulnerable villain that makes him a more interesting threat than most typical sneering villains. Plus, his personal connection with with Thor and Boom! You’ve got an Avengers worthy bad-ass guy.

These characters, iconic as they are in a movie where most of the characters have a film in their pockets, the on-screen identities have egos of  their own too, but TOGETHER – under the pen of a good writer and supervision of good director, they have vast an entertainment potential that made possible by what their own films got right. The cast is greatly assembled and I’m happy with it. :) The action packed in this movie is what you think you’re going to when it’s totally not. This movie will get you off-guard in some parts.

This film is epic. It’s epic in length coz’ it’s clocking at two and a half hours, epic in its action set pieces and epic in the set of characters. The film is so engaging that despite some flaws, you choose to ignore these. The special effects are immense and eye popping. So everything you can imagine in a film with multiple superheroes — great action, good costumes, witty writing, good subplots, with enough comic-book humour and elements of delight for everyone from a five-year-old child to adult ones.

The Avengers thus, becoming a surprising example of too much being put in one film, yet it working out in the end. The long-winding climax is an absolutely perfect. Any shorter I think it would have not done justice to the characterizations and any more longer it would have made it boring. I’d probably say that this is one of the best film of Marvel. This isn’t perfect due to a good standard, big publications and by-the-books origin story, with a superhero team, but they are overlooked by a casts of likable characters and effectively directed action pieces.

As the trend continues, I count myself lucky that I was around to catch this one, and I can’t wait to watch it again. Hihihi :D I give five(5) stars out of 5 to the film — one for The Hulk, one for the Iron Man, one for the humanized automated Iron Man suit, one for its witty writing and direction and one for the humor and elements of delight.

Exciting, funny, brilliantly written and executed. It comes together in an epic package. I am just overwhelmed by this movie so all I have are praises for it and yeah! no critical criticisms. This is just me, being a fangirl of this awesome superhero film. Go see it!!! It’s total delight! Sit back and enjoy the fireworks!! I would really love to watch it again!! Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it.

SPOILER TIP: Wait until the credits stop rolling, and you catch a glimpse of ………. being the next villain that the Avengers would have to take on!!! This extra scene was of course used to tease “Avengers 2”

Disclaimer: Do not own all the pictures featured on this page. I just do some edits! 


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