Driving is…..FUN!!!

Last April 17, 2012 I started my very first driving lessons. I was nervous and excited about it. Yes, I do have a background in driving I knew how to drive but in an automatic type of car only. My dad decided to enrolled me in a driving school for me to learn how to drive a manual transmission cars. Because according to my dad, that once you know how to drive manual car, it is easy for you drive any types of cars. I enrolled for a five days – one hour per day course.During my first day, they give us a two hour orientation to help us be familiar on the different parts and how they function. Afterwards, I meet my driving instructor,  Sir Ronald. Before letting me drive, he explained again about the gears, brakes, clutch and accelerator (gas) pedal which was quite confusing at first but after he let me tried it by myself, it was alright. My instructor was very helpful as he really guided me with patience, of course! And didn’t get any scoldings from him. Basically, my first lessons was all about the first-things-to-do and how-to-stop-and-go. I was just going round and round till my lesson ended. Am I a slow learner?? Well, let’s see! :))

My second day, my instructor will let me drive on the main road. OMG!!O_O Am I ready and brave enough?? My first day lessons was rather more fun than challenging. It’s my first time in a manual car, driving in a main road. Such an exhilarating moment for me! However, the car did broke down twice meaning the engine stall as I wasn’t really familiar with clutch and this was my first time driving. Proud to say that I didn’t bang or get any honks from anyone. I even conquered the big and small roundabouts, bridges and U-turns. Other than that, driving was fun!

On my third day, I had encountered many challenges throughout the lessons. First, my instructor taught me the maneuvering procedures: U-turn, 2pt. turn and 3pt. turn. Unfortunately, I was panicked during my 2pt. turn. and the engine stall. Luckily, no cars were behind of me. I feel unsatisfied in that moment because I didn’t managed to perfectly do it while I’m driving on the road. :( Second, I was taught how to drive up or they called the hanging procedure without reversing the car. In this part, foot works is very important, it should be fast when pressing between the clutch, brake and accelerator pedals. Hand brake is also very useful and important when you’re driving up. But sometimes I have problems of using it coz’ its hard and stiff. Still, I managed to learn it after few attempts. Need more practice in my foot works!! Fighting!!

It’s my fourth day, another challenge again is how to go up and down the slope especially if there is traffic. It was fun and thrilling. But, I can say that this one is difficult. Because the most challenging part was getting up and you got to press the accelerator pedal till the engine sound heard loudly. If not, the car will go backwards and your car will end up banging another car. I was damn nervous! After a few attempts, I can do it even though there are times I experienced engine breaking down. Anyways, my instructor told me I’m not that bad because I did it a few times. 

On my fifth and last day, the weather was damn hot!! terribly hot!! I was sweating a lot and I didn’t know whether I smell bad when my instructor sat beside me after I sweated a lot…Anyways, my last day was all about reviewing all the lessons we had and applying it. Also, we had all about parking. There are so many techniques and formulas to remember. Just for the steering and the number of turns you should made. Everything must be done in no hurry and accurate within 3-5 minutes. You can’t miss a step or forget to turn or over turn the steering to the amount that is needed.

I forgot to include where I had my driving lessons. I enrolled at SMART Driving School in Pasig City. So, to those boys and girls who wants to learn SMART driving, enrolled now!! They have different courses available and you can also decide your own schedule. 

For me, driving is actually easy if you apply the techniques and formulas that your instructor have taught you. Of course, you should know how to follow traffic rules and regulations. Take the lessons to brush up your skills and be confident and ask questions to your instructor, don’t be shy!! The most important thing is to stay focus, have presence of mind while driving, just calm down and do it as usual.

So, that’s my driving experience! Happy driving folks!! :))


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