FUN whenever…..wherever!

Last May 9, 2012 my friends, Jen and Vivian special event! They had this special party at the garden of Casa Espanol. The place is so solemn and has a good ambiance. 

L-R: Jen and Vivian, The STARS of the night!

It was fun! I had a great time spending the evening cause I had a chance to go see them again and spend some time to bond and chat with my lovely Petix friends. It’s almost been a year since our barkada become complete for one event. It really feels great to unwind and have some bonding time together with your friends as you share the laughters, heartaches, experiences, advices and other stuffs. We do crazy things and enjoy it a lot! Here are some of the pics we had during that night.

L-R: Daniel, Gaena, Me, Bern & Kat
Boys of Petix: L-R: Jorine, Daniel, Jen, Vivian, Winchy & JD
My lovely Girlfriends: L-R: Bern, Sha, Gaena, Jen, Kat & Me
L-R: Sha, Daniel and Me
L-R: Jen, Daniel, Winchy & Vivian
L-R: Mon, Kat & Mela
Ayun oh, F4 – Boys of Petix

And to end this blog post, there is one realization that I liked the most during our bonding and ‘serious’ talk. We realized that “nag-iisa lang talaga ang barkada namin!” – One of a kind!! Even if we had years and years and years of being apart, I guess our barkada would still remain intact. The communication and getting updates is still continued. We are like we never run out of kwentos every time we see each other. Some things never changed at all.

Also, BUM-ity is just in the corner. I just want to quote what my friend, Daniel commented, “BUM PETIX – Best Unemployed Members of Team Petix..”, “Well..ganun talaga..We are the best in bumming around..:D San ka makakakita ng magaganda/pogi, cool, matatalino na Bum?! Tayo lang yun…kaya tayo walang trabaho kasi kung magkakaroon pa, sh*t sobrang perfect na natin…invalid na ang mga katagang…”Nobody’s Perfect!” Hahaha” Sorry for the super build up of our barkada! That’s the way we are. Here’s the latest pic of TEAM PETIX after a year!! 

We go anywhere. We go anytime. Too busy. Too far from here. Too many other friends to bother joining. Too many other reasons. But, I MISS THEM. I MISS THEM A LOT. :)


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