My SuperWoman-Fun-Freakin-Tastic MOMMY!

How do you define super woman? Someone talented? Strong? Exceptional? or perhaps remarkable? Those are few definitions of a super woman. Yes. I believe superwomen exist in our life. They are all around us and we see them everyday. They are with us every time, ready to lend us a helping hand whenever we need it. We even take them for granted at times. I’m most definitely talking about our Mothers — Mom, Mama, Nanay, Mommy, Mumzie, Mudra or whatever we call them. 

There is no denying just how influential our mothers are in our lives. They are not the only ones responsible for giving birth to us but also taking care and loving us. That is why this day, even though it’s a late post for Mother’s Day! I would like to dedicate this blog post for one great woman in my life. She is no less than my MOM.

Oftentimes, we forget the many sacrifices our mother do for us. It takes a whole lot of skills and “super powers” to be a mom — at least that’s what I believe because I’m not yet even a mother, maybe in the future. All I know is that it’s never an easy job but it’s also a BEST job there is.

In honor of all the mothers out there, this month of May, we celebrates “Mother’s Day”. That even just for a day, we are given a chance to celebrate and give appreciation for all the goodness they have unconditionally given us all these years in our lives.

Indeed, this day calls for a celebration for countless reasons. For without our mothers, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. We won’t be the own persons that we are if our mothers have not been there for us all this time. I can actually call my mom a “super woman” for the same reason that you call your own moms “super woman” also. I believe that description suits my mom and yours perfectly well. No objection!! Haha :)) Imagine, taking care of me and my sister, of course with the help my dad but still was never an easy task.

She is more than a mother to us. She is my best friend, sister, my adviser, my teacher, my everything. She taught me in my 21 years of existence. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! I hope you’re all having a lovely day with your moms and letting her know just how amazing she is. I love my mom to bits. She has been an inspiration and someone who is always there to offer words of wisdom and encouragement. To my mother who sacrificed so much, toiled so much and gave up so much for us, WE LOVE YOU! And, we shall continue loving you.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Lord God for giving me such a great parents, with their assets and imperfections altogether, they made my life perfect enough. So for Mother’s Day, let us all greet our moms a happy one… and always give hugs and kisses. :))


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