Chew on this: Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken

“Home of the World Famous Portuguese Style Grilled Chicken”

Piri-piri, Peri-peri or Peli-peli is the name used in Portuguese and a number of African languages to describe the African bird’s eye chili, a member of the Capsicum plant genus. This is a small and extremely spicy variety. The variations in spelling derive from the various pronunciations of the word in parts of Africa, although “Piri-piri” is the correct spelling in Portuguese. (Source:

So, just looking at the definition you can already assume that Peri-peri chicken would have an exotic taste. Hmmmm….Interesting right?!

Together with my dad and sister we went at SM Megamall because my sister is planning to buy a new phone and my dad need to buy new clothes for their company outing. Since, it’s tiring to go around the mall and walk through each stores, Mr. Stomach was growling and that was our signal that we should eat to pacify our hunger. It’s hard to decide where to eat in a place as big as SM Megamall because there are really lots of good restaurants to choose from but this particular restaurant caught my eye simply and lured to this place out of pure hunger, the SM Megamall branch located on the Bridgeway 3rd level of building B in between Racks and Tokyo Cafe was conveniently situated. Chicken lovers can rejoice with the menu filled with chicken dishes from salads, entrees, wraps, sandwiches, pasta and of course, the Filipino staple, platters and combo meals. If you’re craving chicken minus the grease then their charcoal-grilled chicken is a very good alternative.

“OLA, SENOR, SENORA!!!” that will be the greeting you will hear upon entering the restaurant. The place is nice. They got these yellow lanterns above each tables that made it a happy, bright looking place. It has a very light ambiance too. I got excited. I don’t know why but the very easy and light feeling made me feel excited to the chicken that we will be ordering.

I ordered the Everyday Platter B (1/4 pc. Peri-peri chicken, 2pcs. Parmesan shrimp, Corn and Carrots, Java rice and gravy for P235) because I was so hungry, excited and my appetite has been crazy lately I forgot to take the picture of it! Hehe :P And I chose the Lemon and Garlic flavor for my chicken . It’s worth it. The price is reasonable as the serving is big. Big enough for a little girl with a monster stomach like me. My chicken? Simot-sarap! As in sarap to the bones. ^-^ The chicken tasted different than the usual grilled chicken that I’m familiar with. You can taste some herbs and other flavors on it and the good things is, you don’t need to dip it in gravy to enjoy the chicken because it is good as it is.

My dad ordered just a 1/4 pc. Peri-peri chicken also in a Lemon and Garlic flavor and my sister chose to have Classic Carbonara with 2 pcs. finger bread on the side. Every time you order chicken the servers will ask you what marinade you prefer. They have Lemon and Garlic, Mild spicy and Hot and Spicy. Service at this branch was fast which was perfect because we were all starving.

Classic Carbonara
1/4 pc. Peri-peri Chicken (Lemon & Garlic)

The Platters (A,B,C) seems to be making it big, eliminating the need to decide on a three-course meal, being budget friendly. The best thing about Peri-peri is the P49 unlimited soup and beverages promo. Take note, the soup is not just something cupped out from a dish; we are talking about the real soup here. 

Their menu and price list

Depending on the day (they have two choices per day) and based on my experience, they have Mushroom Soup, Corn Soup, Carrot and Pumpkin Soup and Broccoli Cream soup. May be because it’s weekend that there are many soup choices. 

My top pick is unexpectedly the Carrot and Pumpkin Soup. Creamy, tasty and healthy. Second on my list is the Corn Soup because I am just a corn person. The Broccoli Cream Soup is a must try too, although the Mushroom soup is so-so.

Carrot and Pumpkin Soup
Mushroom Soup

For the beverages, they’ve got tons. I ordered a mango shake coz’ I don’t feel like the drinks available for the promo. Hihihi Mango juice, Lemon Iced tea, Strawberry juice, Sodas (Pepsi products), Coffee, Hot tea and the list goes on…..The soup and drinks were self-service so you can really get as much as you want. How would they know you availed of the unlimited deal? :P They use different glasses and soup bowls than those for regular servings, of course! 

Whether you are a big eater or on a diet, there’s always a room for you. Average price per meal range around P150 – P250, depending on the included number of sides. They also serve Salads, Burger and Quesadillas. One thing I’m sad with Peri-peri is they didn’t offer any kind of desserts or sweets! :( I hope they will add it up in their menu in future time. 

My handsome father
Me, Daddy and big sister happy tummy!!

With all our orders in Peri-peri Charcoal Chicken, overall, I must say that this restaurant is actually highly recommended since they are not the usual chicken mean you will have plus considering the price, they are not really costly. It was still a satisfying meal. We’ll go back there for sure and still have to try other good food that they offer next time. I couldn’t move out of really bloated tummy by then! If you come across this restaurant, try it, don’t chicken out!! Indulge!! :D


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