New Beginnings

The job went so much better than I ever could have hoped. I’ve only really been looking for 2 months and have had several interviews. It’s official! Welcome to the world of Employed! Thanks goodness! I’m not a bum anymore. Today, marks my third week of training, and the onset of the flurry of headaches and information overload I shall expect and deal with. It’s a 9:00-5:30 Monday through Friday and sounds like a really great opportunity. I’ve been a little bit of an anxious wreck during this whole process and am so glad to finally have something to do fill my days. And, that’s my news. Thoughts of previous training and tasks….discussions, exams, call sims and sanity everywhere. Time to deal with all I’ve left behind now. Even, though it’s a BIG new world for me–from nursing to banking & finance and sometimes confusing so far, so good. As far as I know, irregularity does not kill. It may merely infuriate my beloved mental capacity at times, but still. Work science, here I come. 

My company ID! It’s official! Yeyy! :)

I really hope I can get through all the trainings and be familiar with the system. So as to get a headstart on rebuilding my career life if things go as planned, I’ll be happy and normal by next year. That’s not so bad, right? I mean I know it can only get better. I hope. 

So, a reform in order this year. I will be better—even if it kills me. Haha That is my personal choice and sacrifice. That is for the welfare of mine future. So, for lie low to lax dreams and chill-ness, I will miss you things sooo much. I must and shall embark on my personal journey to the straits of the unknown and the previously known, for that matter. 

CIAO!! Immaturity and petti-me-ness and hello to embellished reform.

On the other note, life goes on. Like what Kelly Clarkson song would say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Stand a little taller.” On that note, I’ll start my piece.

In a nutshell, this entry screams the realizations that I never thought two weeks of Citi Training would actually make a difference in my life. I used to think it was just something I’d sleep through, a little something that will bore me. But, hell no!! I was strong!! As I attended class, the magic of enjoying work unfolded right in front of my eyes. Despite being the outspoken persona that I am, I am left amazed at what had transpired for the last two weeks of my existence. I gained so much more than I could ever have imagined, thanks to my new-found friends, acquaintances, officemates and trainers for making the training fun and enjoyed. 

And then came the excruciating truth, I shared a fairly balanced parody to my burned out colleagues, and made notes on major restructuring that needs to be done. *sigh* it came as unbelievable as anything could be, but, as I say, I’ve lifted everything up already to HIM. :)

But at the end of the day, I still find myself at peace, somewhat satisfied with what I’ve accomplished so far. It may not be much, but, hey there’s a progress. And that’s what counts. :))

For anything else, I pray so hard that things will take a turn for the better and that life will bully me less. Then again, every development is a big step already for me. 


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