Twenty-Two and Grateful


Just wanted to do a quick post on my twenty second birthday! Doesn’t twenty-two sound so much older than twenty-one? Haha I feel like I’m finally becoming an adult…..

I am not an ageism freak. But, then I’ll be removing the suffix “teen” in my age. In denial much?? Haha You must probably think that I’m overreacting or that I’m such a dense person. But it’s not that. I’m just anxious. Afraid of the MORE BIGGER responsibilities attached to my age. No more excuses. No more alibis. I have to learn to make hard decisions and choose different choices. What scares me most is that I feel I’m not yet capable of big responsibilities. It’s mind-boggling to think that I should learn to stand on my own feet which I’m slowly achieving it from day to day. I should learn to achieve things without the shadows of my parents.

Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to this date, 06/07/2012. I thought that it would be just the usual celebration of our birthdays. Unexpectedly, I realized how moving this moment is. I felt so loved. I felt how much God loves me. He radiated this love through the people around me. I have my wonderful parents who unconditionally love me despite of all my shortcomings and imperfections. I have my sister, my best “frenemies”, who made me learn how awesome kiss-and-make-up is. I have my awesome best closest friends and barkada who always got my back through the winning and even in losing. They made me realize that I’m not alone in this journey. For that, I’m now ready to face life’s challenges. It’s not an overnight process. But one things’s for sure. I’ll be that person. Mature. Responsible. Independent. Day 1 of the process started 6 days ago. :D

Another wonderful year has been added to my life and I thank the Lord for his unconditional love, support and guidance despite all the disappointments and heartaches. Thank you to my family, and friends, for always reminding me to stay strong and to just enjoy life as it is. Thank you to all those who greeted me and for the people who gave me their little gifts I truly appreciate it! You guys definitely made my day extra special. At 21, I could say that I had the time of my life. It was sort of an experimental year for me. Nonetheless, I am very much grateful that I was showered with gazillions of blessings and opportunities, had experienced surreal moments, courageously took unimaginable risks and have met incredible people. 

As another year is added to my age, I simply wish that my knowledge be enriched and potentials be maximized, be brave enough to dare to go to the distance, boldly face crossroads ahead, and reach my aspirations. This year at the age of 22, I won’t promise that I would stop complaining but this is what I am sure of…..I am more stronger and wiser than before and I owe it from all from what I’ve been through. I’m now looking forward for a great life ahead. LESS mistakes but MORE happiness. Whatever is destined to me this year, I hope it is in accordance with my heart’s desires and will all be for God’s greater glory. Goodbye 21!! Hello 22!! :))

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAI!! I love you! You’re awesome. Stay fabulous!!” :))

HUGS and KISSES to all those who greeted me on my birthday. A million thanks to all!!! :)) I really appreciate all your greetings thru text, those who called me up, those who greeted me personally, those who left comments in facebook and those who gives me gifts. SUPER THANK YOU!!! <3 :D

Yes!! I’m already 22. And I’m proud of it. 


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