Sisterettes at Eastwood

Call me grateful, ecstatic, exhilarated, joyous, or whatever else all that may amount to. But I’ve never been so glad to meet them and have been part of their life. :)

They are my original adventure-mates!! We go anywhere. We go anytime (dati), but now that almost all of us have things to be busy with, a schedule plan is a must! Haha :P

At last, this hang-out was been push through!! :)) I finally had the chance to bond with my cutie patootie sisterettes. It was great seeing this girls again, especially my closest, Sha because we haven’t see each other for months!! It’s also a late/post birthday treat to them.

We plan to invade Eastwood Citywalk for lunch, movie date and milk tea time. Anyways, it was a tiring and fun filled day!! :))

We had lunch at BonChon. To our guy friend, Michael, thanks for accompanying us I know you miss this girls too, its just sad that you had to leave early. Anyway, we can plan again another hangout with them. :)) Watched the movie Amazing Spiderman + super long chikahan and updates about each other and Tea time @ Chatime and buy fries at NYFD before going home.


I’m blessed beyond belief when it comes to friends. I have the greatest friends of all!!! :)))

Here are some of our crazy pictures. Credits to Sha! Sorry for the low quality. 

Nothing really beats quality time with friends. :)


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