Movie Blog: The Amazing Spiderman

While I haven’t too vocal about it, I am a fan but not a hardcore Marvel comics fan so I have not much knowledge of what happens to these characters other than what I see on the big screen or what I stumble upon online.


Last weekend me and my BFFs ventured out to see The Amazing Spiderman and although I was looking forward to finally seeing the film, after many months of talking about the film, I must confess that I was not all that excited. I am more excited to see The Dark Knight Rises. I was only kinda interested in seeing Spider-Man. Even right up to ten minutes before the film started in the lobby of the cinema, I just couldn’t muster up any excitement for it. It’s not that I didn’t think the film could be good. With the “The Avengers” dominating  box office records worldwide and with the “The Dark Knight Rises” set to definitively close the book on the most epic cinematic chapter in superhero history, everyone has been wondering what room is left for Peter Parker to spin his web once more. Well, nevertheless we have “The Amazing Superman”, a film that retells the story we saw just ten years ago, about a boy, a spider bite and some great responsibility.

Remakes. Reboots. Reimaginings. There are so many remakes in the works right now, and not just little films but big ones. Classics. Is that Ok?? I had a bit of a rant the other day regarding all the remakes and probably will continue to do so in the future. Then I see the trailer. Then, I see the film. Then, it’s OK……sometimes! :))

Upon seeing the trailer, I’ve felt that this new remake is far too close to the original series of Spider man films that have already been released and I suppose, I didn’t think this new spider man film is all that necessary.

The spider man films are an iconic, unforgettable benchmark of the Golden Age of superhero cinema. They represent the beginning not just of mainstream acceptance, but of mainstream embrace of these characters being truthfully represented in the big screen. To put it in context, “The Dark Knight” came out a year after “Spider man 3” and now the “The Dark Knight Rises” is coming out the same summer as a Spider man remake. It’s seems like it too soon. I’m going to warn you all now that comparisons between this films are going to come thick and fast, as there’s just not really any other way of looking at the film.

Every last speck of integrity and endurance that makes Peter Parker a hero comes from Uncle Ben and Aunt May. His actual parents being dead was just an excuse to came up, in order to give Peter extra baggage on top of all of the problems he dealt with as teenage superhero.

When I first heard that Andrew Garfield was going to play as Spider man, my thoughts: why are they replacing Tobey Maguire in the first place? Won’t it be confusing? and Andrew Garfield? As Spider man? Eh. Then, I found out…’s a different approach to the story of Spider man.

Chief among the high points of this film is Andrew Garfield himself. Garfield injects an honest integrity and web-swinging electricity into Peter Parker, completely submerging himself in the role with brilliance. His performance is wonderfully toned and layered to the point where you fall in love with Peter as a real person and not as a cartoon classic. Peter is no longer the stereotypical nerd he was in the previous films and is far closer to the complex, socially challenged techie in the comics; his bedroom, his belongings and his very mind constantly cluttered with weird little inventions, his hairstyle and the general sexiness of his brand of geekiness.

Who wouldn’t love a nerd like him? :))

Actually, I think I just got used to Tobey Maguire as Spider man. After all, he did do three movies of Spider man. Honestly, he wasn’t the hot type. His character then was really the geeky/nerdy kind…..but I did like him. Andrew Garfield was the hot kind of geeky/ nerdy……and I love him!! Another adds up in my list of crushes. Hehe

Like the evolution of comics characters, Spider man’s humour always feels like a natural; development as a result of the confidence Peter’s new identity gives him. Spidey’s still not quite the comedian he is in the comics, but I was genuinely delighted by the three-dimensionality of Garfield’s portrayal. For me, he is as close to the definitive Spider man as we’ve seen so far and I look forward to watching him continue to grow and develop over the course of more films.

Emma Stone is predictably enjoyable as Gwen Stacy and her chemistry with Garfield is right on the track. It gives Gwen much more to do than MJ ever did in the other films and it’s a delight to have such a strong female character a bit bookier; more prim and proper.

Rhys Ifan is fine as Curt Connors/ The Lizard, the plot about cross-species and turning into a giant lizard creature is all done as well as it could be once again we’re given the same tired mold of villain that Peter faced. Connors is an intelligent mentor to Peter before some science happens and he begins hearing voices that tell him he has to be evil and kill Spider man. This is exactly the same as Green Goblin and Doc Ock right down to the sinister voices in their heads. Can we please have just one Spider man film where the bad guys don’t discover his secret identity? :P

There’s a scene near the climax of the film where a wounded Spider man is having trouble getting to OsCorp building to fight with the Lizard, so a group of crane workers set up a more convenient swing-through for him. It’s funny, sweet touching little scene designed to show how much New York really cares for Spider man despite the negative press he receives.

Simply put, I enjoyed “The Amazing Spiderman”. I didn’t see it in 3D, the inclusion of ‘Spidey-Cam’ was clever albeit a little head turning. The special effects were well done, Connors transition looked impressive.

While watching the “The Amazing Spiderman”, I suspected on a number of occasions despite its flaws, it might be the best Spider man film ever. Its devotion to fleshing out the the previously explored characters and giving a grittier examination of hows and whys of Spidey’s weird life really impressed me, as did the high-flying special effects. The movie lived up to its name with the fast-paced action involved. It was really amazing! With the trick of making spider man’s movements fast, made it look like he was a real spider.

This version of Spider man showed different genres in one — action, romance, family, drama and even comedy. I don’t know if it’s just because of Andrew Garfield that I became biased but for me, the story of The Amazing Spiderman is much more interesting. The Back story of Peter Parker and his parents gave viewers a clearer understanding of where the story is going. We all know that Peter Parker will try to uncover the secrets left by his parents and save his city from criminals of any kind.

With such a heavy story…..they were able to come up with calmer scenes that made it comedic in a way. Like when Spider-Man and Lizard were fighting in school, particularly in the library and an old man was there but didn’t know anything that was happening behind him coz’ of his earphones listening to classic music. Haha. The background music made it soooo much funnier!! :))

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield love team really clicked! Their every scene made me giddy! :D

With that being said, “The Amazing Spiderman” is almost as good as it could possibly be. Despite a few serious problems stemming from a cliched villain and a really shabby mystery that does nothing but set up the sequel, the film does an admirable job at reawakening the web-slinger and what he stands for. I was pleasantly surprised at how well-executed the film was and would be quick to recommend it. It didn’t blow me away totally and its flaws were considerable, but I’m glad to say that spider man is back and that it looks as though he’ll be around for another while longer.

I feel like this post is mostly about Andrew Garfield. Hehe. :)) than the movie itself. Oh well, Andrew Garfield is Spider man and Spider man is the movie, so I guess it’s fine! He’s amazing! The movie is amazing! It’s The Amazing Spiderman!

So yes! go see the film! even if you are a fan of the others, especially if you’re not. As per most Marvel films, keep an eye and stay for the extra scene during the credits – I smell a sequel. I’m going to give this film an 8/10.

Here’s the exclusive 4 minutes SUPER PREVIEW:

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