Milk Tea-rific #2: Gong Cha

Hello guys! I’m back from deep slumber! And I’m back with my milk tea review no. 2! 

Honestly, I’m a milk tea fanatic. I can finish one order of any milk tea. I know. I know. I’ve been to Gong Cha far too many times already but I’m blogging about it just now. Hehe! :P Let me tell you a slight backgrounder about the craze on Gong Cha milk tea. 

Gong Cha is a Southeast Asia milk tea brand. It was first launched in Taiwan, and now boasts more than a hundred outlets worldwide. Before it even hit the Philippines, Gong Cha has been up and about in SE asian countries such as Malaysia, Hongkong and Singapore. Gong Cha which means tea that is served to the Emperor or Royal Court. 

The only Gong Cha outlets I know here in the Philippines are the ones in MOA, Glorietta and the other one in SM Megamall which I frequent went to when I’m craving for a milk tea fix. Their branch in SM Megamall is enough for a tea place. Situated in 2F Mega Atrium, its interior exudes a simple yet cozy vibe with maroon walls interrupted by smoky swirls of white. Marble top tables and black hard plastic chairs were spaced comfortably and lights dimmed accordingly.


It is similar to Happy Lemon’s concept of cheese and rock salt. Gong Cha milk was slightly salty and sweet at the same time. It was also creamy. If you are the type of person who likes everything a little salty and who would not mind tasting it from a cup, then go for this mil tea place Gong Cha milk variety which comes in an assortment of tea combinations such as green, black, alisan or earl grey. 

My all-time favorite which I usually order is the Gong Cha Winter Melon tea and Milk Tea with Pearl Jelly. A rush of smooth, creamy, and foamy milk cream greeted my mouth and what transpired within the next few seconds was a heaven for my mouth with a cream yet a clean texture. I love the way the foam tastes and when it mixes with the tea. Kabooom!!! A match made in heaven. I could see a sprinkle of a green matcha powder on top. As I dug my straw deeper, my mouth was awash with honeyed overlapping tastes of young winter melon and sugar. The tea flavor is very apparent and that’s one of the things I really look for. And for me, what might be an optional ingredient for others can actually be a deal-breaker for me: the pearls. :) The Gong Cha pearls were nice, soft and chewy and therefore merit the my praise as a milk tea fanatic. If you’re a newbie in the milk tea craze, go for their sweetened milk teas like the wintermelon and chocolate. 

Sprinkled with green matcha powder

They said there are three ways to enjoy Gong Cha House special. First, is to sip the special cream on top! I tried it and it was heaven! It’s so yummy that you would want to order another serving of the cream. Haha! I wonder how they do it. It’s creamy and a little bit salty. It’s like cheese and milk in one. Super delicious!! :)) Doing the second step to enjoy the cup: Tasting the tea! I took a sip and says: this is really authentic winter melon! It doesn’t taste like other milk tea establishments winter melon tea. Last step: Mix the cream and tea! Baboom! It looks like milk tea! But it doesn’t taste like milk tea while getting the satisfaction of drinking the tea passing through a thick foamy layer. 

Overall, I was satisfied with my Gong Cha experience and will definitely go back to try out their other specialty drinks. I think the price is reasonable considering that I really enjoyed my drink. Like I mentioned on my past review, other milk tea places were missing something, sometimes it would be the “umay” factor and for the most of the time, the consistency of the pearl. With Gong Cha, the taste of their drink really stands out. Go and try and you might fall in love with it, who knows?? Very distinct and definitely a must-try!! :)) 

Gong Cha Philippines currently has 5 branches all over the metro:

*SM Mall of Asia – G/F Entertainment Complex
*SM North Edsa – 2/F Sky Garden
*Glorietta 4 – 3/F Food Choices
*SM Megamall – 2/F Mega Atrium
*Robinsons Place – 3/F Midtown Level

Check out their milk tea specialty from Gong Cha website and whats new they have to offer on their Facebook page


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