Milk Tea-rific #3: Chatime

Hello bloggers! Sorry for being lazy posting again. Been busy doing some stuffs and fixing things. But I already have a list of things to post for me to share it to you. But for the mean time let me just share to you my milk tea review no.3.

MILK TEA!! One of my favorite drinks nowadays! I always crave for one. 

My official introduction to the world of–hold on, I mean the wonderful world of milk tea was from Chatime. Tea and milk are two things poles apart in taste. But, when blended together, tastes amazing! It’s just so damn good. I tried so many milk tea store out there but Chatime is really one of the best!
Good Tea, Good Time!

Chatime is founded in Taiwan on 2003 and as of March 2012 it has over 500 outlets in 15 countries and counting. Chatime (again, I need to be wittier! Haha!), the largest international milk tea brand would open its doors in Manila! True enough, with over 12 stores in the top malls all over the country, Chatime’s pretty much gathered a loyal following in the milk-tea-loving crowd, ME INCLUDED!! :) I suddenly got giddy and a lot more fun than the images of relaxation and tea pots that we’re used to. I’m just happy its family is expanding and more people are gaining awareness about its great flavors. Fine! it was a bit of an exaggeration but it definitely made me smile from one ear to the other. I must have had dozens of cups of Chatime milk tea already before I was finally able to write an entry about it.

Recently, in the Philippines there is a lot of milk tea outlets established wherever you go and a lot of people began to be curious about the taste then became crazy about the said beverage. Milk teas had been quite a fad food wise, sprouting like mushrooms all over the metro taking over the Starbucks culture and Chatime is one of the many milk tea company responsible for it. They have the variety of flavors that you can enjoy from plain milk tea to a flavored tea. Not only milk tea but they also offer fruit juices. It’s your choice! Chatime uses freshly brewed tea infused with different natural flavors to make the best bubble tea drink in town! Here is a small peek of their menu:

Menu  from their Facebook page

Their menu is written in both English and Chinese. Their prices are almost the same of the other tea house. However, their prices are not inclusive of toppings. An additional topping costs PHP15-PHP25.

A usual that I get is the Chocolate Mousse with 100% sugar and normal ice (PHP85-Medium, PHP95-Large), Taro Pudding Milk Tea with the same specifics. I always add topping of pearls whenever I ordered a drink. It taste good and addicting; now I know why it’s one of their best selling flavor. Also, Matcha Tea Latte is a green tea with latte underneath it. The taste is less sweet which I do prefer compared to Starbucks’ green tea frappe. I think even without the latte the green tea would taste a bit bitter which for some people will pass the said drink. 

Taro Pudding Milk Tea
Global branches
Chocolate Mousse

RECOMMENDED!! I think Chatime offers one of the better tasting milk teas in town. They have a wide selection of drinks and you have the option to choose the amount of sugar and ice you want. 

They also had this electronic round mini frisbee-like disc (I don’t know what it is called exactly) given to you while waiting for your drinks. It lights up and buzzes once your drinks are ready for pick-up at the counter. So no need to loiter around the counter. 

But what I loved about this store is their new IPAD menu! It shows all their drinks with fun facts about each drink. You can also see which add-ons are best for the drink. Just touch it and you’ll see all the refreshing teas Chatime has to offer.

Once you get there, it is very relaxing despite the number of people going in and out of the store. Comfy and chic, it is fun and relaxed at the same time. Enjoy the bright purple and pink accents against the bright white interiors. Which almost girls like!! :) Sink into the lean back soft seats with your milk tea in hand. Definitely a cool place to hangout with your friends up until the weeee hours. I thinks it’s also a good place to do a lot of planning and thinking here. And like what I always look for from all the other milk tea I’ve tried, and like what I’ve stated from my previous milk teas entry, I want the tea flavor intact! And here, you still get that yummy yummy tea taste!!

They’re also selling cakes, breads, mini hamburgers and other staples such as the curry dog, french fries, and pepper salt chicken pops! You won’t miss it for sure!

Pastries and Desserts

While I’ve compelled to keep trying the different milk teas out there, it doesn’t hurt to have a favorite. I’ll always be loyal to Chatime. 

Have you gone for your own Chatime yet?? I think this will be a place for me to hang out and enjoy the drinks from time to time…For those milk tea lover if you want to try this, check out their Website, like their Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter


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