Fun-date with Friends

It’s fun to be able to bond with friends. Chill out with them. Maybe go movies with them or shopping, or even drink with them.  These are some of the the things you and your friends do to mingle with each other. Especially when you just came from the stress all life gives you. 

I called it a lovely day! A day that I really can put my tonnes of stress and anxiety aside and don’t have to think about them. Me and my craaazzzy friends meet to have some catching up then have lunch at Mcdo and watch movie, Amorosa. I don’t usually watch a horror movie on big screen, since it was a movie treat of my friend I’ll go for it. I braved the movie!! :) I’m sooo great!! Haha It was such an accomplishment in my side. :P Of course, a little chit-chat to deep talks will always be part of the list.

You know how it is when girls have their girl talk session. We talk anything under the sun, and we mostly talk about life, stress, guys, relationship and life plans.  

I know, my money flies but the bonding time I get with these people are priceless. A fun, bonding day it was. Thanks girls!! In the end, it works out because you are with your friends and that gives you some kind of super power moral support!

Me and Jen
Ivern and Zackie
Clockwise: Ivern, Zackie, Me and Jen


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