A year of WRITING…

As I check my blog profile, I see that my blogspot is active for a year!! Yeah, you hear me right?! :P It’s already one year! Clap! Clap! Clap! How time flies?! HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY to my blog!! :)) Wooohooo!! I’m a blogger since September 2011. :D

I’ve been blogging quite a long time. I started with a random blog site (forgot the name…sorry!) then transferred to Multiply. I wasn’t able to update these for a long time. I was so busy back then that I lost interest in keeping this blog. Honestly, I don’t usually have the time to do such thing coz’ I’m lazy. However, having a blogspot where I can put on my random thoughts about my everyday activities or whatever rants and raves I may have in mind. I can post some of those events and memories in my life that I want to express. From a quote from Jane Austen, which is “Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” It’s like describing my life. My life full of random stuffs and weird things where I can enjoy and appreciate even the smallest details of everything. I enjoy doing nonsense. Haha :))

I have always loved writing since high school. I guess that’s one of the things I can’t give up doing. It’s as if have ink on my veins. If there’s one quote that could exactly express how I feel about writing, this is it…“I write for the same reason I breathe because if I didn’t, I would die.” – Isaac Animov

Writing is always part of my life. I just want to express what’s on my mind. Sometimes, I feel that there’s no one to talk to, because I think the only person aside from my family, selected friends and God whom I can trust, is myself. For this reason, I started blogging. This time, I was able to maintain it up until now. I wanted to have a blog so I made one. I couldn’t think of anything better than Blogger. Let’s just say I needed some changes and just thought of including my blogging among those things. 

Well, this seems like a lot of work and time…..again, but I guess you just got to do what you love to do. It’s these kinds of simple things that puts smile on my face. Like what most people often say, never underestimate the small things in life that matter. 

I continued blogging around the net. Jumping from one blog server to another. Leaving traces and fucked-up memories around the web for all to see. I had an audience to my so called life. I really don’t care how many readers and how many followers will I lose or gain. I had critics, too. I think! But, I didn’t care. As long as I’m happy of what I’m doing and I think it’s safe and right, I’m absolutely contented. I enjoyed writing about what I felt and what’s on my mind. I wrote ‘to express, not to impress’. And that still goes up till now. 

So, yeah, meet the BLOGGER!! :)


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