My Sunday Note

I lift myself to You. 
I may want things but You know what I need. 
I hope for some things to happen, but your will shall always keep me on the right track. 
I come to you, through thick and thin. I was may be lost sometimes. 
Or be with the wrong people for a time but I never had regrets. 
I learned. I now understand. 
Continue leading me in the right path. 
This time, everything’s gonna be different. 
Everything’s gonna be alright. 
I just want to say THANK YOU for what you’ve done, because I know there is still more to come. 
You never let me down. 
When I fall you reach my hand, and you lift me up to higher ground. 
What more do I need, for I have YOU. 
You are my strength and I LOVE YOU! 
Thank you God! Smile and cheers for the days. 
Keep on believing! 
Ask for stronger shoulders not for lighter load. :D
God speed!!! 

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