No, this is not going to be a serious, witty, lawful post about the Cyber Crime Law. It’s just that it has caused so much clamour that I thought that it would be worth a few words or maybe more. But, this issue is so depressing and disappointing. I have a little theory on why it has been a big issue to many, particularly to our generation. I know that it has its own advantages but when it comes to its disadvantages, it may lead to asking you, “What’s the use of the internet now?”.

Republic Act 10175 was approved by PNOY last September 12, 2012. This new Cyber Crime had take effect last October 3, 2012 and facing a lot of protest including from netizens. Hash tag #NoToCyberCrimeLaw become a trending on Twitter in our country and worldwide. It aims to fight online pornography, hacking, identity theft, and spamming following local law enforcement agencies’ complaints over the lack of legal tools to combat cybercrime.

However, the law came with tougher legal penalties. It also allows authorities to collect data from personal users accounts on social media and listen in on voice and video applications such as Skype, without a warrant. Users who post defamatory comments on Facebook or Twitter, could be sentenced to up 12 years in jail. Yeah! you aim to fight them. But to LIKE, to RETWEET, to SHARE, to REBLOG can cause us to go TO JAIL? Is it legal? C’mon people!! Common sense!!

I live in a democratic country. I was against SOPA and PIPA. This new law was implemented that silence the Filipino people’s freedom of speech and expression and take down powers of DOJ to shut down websites finding violation of law even without a court order.

I’m not scared to fight against it because of the following reasons. First, I know that those who favored the Cyber Crime Law obviously passed it and majority of them is because one’s ego is bruised, then the whole make amends for it. We are all aware that it’s a result of a Senator who PLAGIARIZED and LIED in front of the public. We all know about his plagiarism issue, but lying? Yes, he did! This Senator actually denied putting the libel part, but later admitted about it. Secondly, it saddens me, no it upsets me because now we faced with Cyber Martial Law because of the Cyber Crime Prevention Act violates the right to free speech. We want to be free from the shackles of dictatorship. Good thing that many netizens are against it. Sad though, it’s what the past leaders/heroes were fighting for but now WE GET THIS!!! Lastly, this is probably a rant. This law is UNJUST, UNFAIR and VAGUE and has TOO MANY FLAWS.

Photo shared by Ami Evangelista Swanepoel

Petitions were filed and still we are not heard. We TWEETED, we BLOGGED, we changed our profile pics to black and still, the Government, our Government shunned our voices. Just a COMMENT, LIKE, RETWEETS or any form of intellectual criticisms or opinions from us can get us into jail. I f ever I get imprisoned, I will be there for 6-12 years. Any opinion, good or bad, can be thought as a libel. How could you, President Noynoy sign this bill???

We shall not silenced. We will fight and we will take what is rightfully ours. Now the Yellow ribbon that signifies freedom is wrapped around our faces. What happened to the YELLOW RIBBON??!! Isn’t suppose to fight for FREEDOM?! I don’t know what to say anymore but our GOVERNMENT is just TOO MUCH!! FREEDOM IS EVERYTHING…..EVERYTHING IS FREEDOM!!! But, don’t use FREEDOM just to attain your selfish needs.

Photo shared by Filipino Community Page

Thank you to Sen TG Guingona for fighting with us. The following photo was posted from Sen. Guingona Facebook Page.

Anywayyyyss….Here are some recommended useful links for more info on the Cyber Crime Law and why you would fight for it:

Here’s a short video from ANONYMOUS PHILIPPINES:

I hope this blog post would be a contribution to help people be aware as well as urge them to fight for their right. (P.S Hopefully, I shouldn’t get any case or be in jail from sharing you this!! :P)


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