Pamper day at Nail-a-holics

Because I’m an on-the-go-lass, my mom ask me if I want to go with her to Megamall before I go home after my review. Of course, I say YES! My mom likes getting pampered. And since I’m a fan of being pampered, we had already agreed to get our nails done. It’s been more than a month since my last mani-pedi. After having our early dinner, we searched for a nail salon and stumbled upon Nail-a-holics Nail Salon and Spa in SM Megamall. After a week of wanting to have my nails done, I finally had time to visit a Nail Salon. It was my first time to try this nail salon because I usually had mine cleaned and pampered at home by a family friend of ours.

I availed of their Serene Island Manicure while my mom got the Palm Beach Pedicure and footspa. All the methods done were the familiar mani/pedi. Great nail techs as expected. I love how attentive the nail techs were despite the number of clients they were servicing. Often, when I looked inside of salon, they are jampacked with people. It’s great to know that service isn’t compromised despite the number of clients. Here the services to choose from:

Nail-a-holics Menu and branches
I had my nails painted with Royal Plum. I loved perfect clean nails! I sooooo loved the color of nails. :))
The place is really wonderful to spend a few hours in. The interior is quite amazing. I loved the super comfy couches and the chandeliers for lighting. I’m am quite relaxed throughout the whole procedure. It’s nice to know that after a tiring day I have something like Nail-a-holics to give a relaxing, home-y ambiance. It’s great that Nail-a-holics is situated in different popular malls around the metro.
The comfy couches
Speaking for myself, I think it was one of the best nail pampering experiences I’ve ever had. Well it should be. It didn’t come cheap. But it was all worth it even I don’t used my own money for this. Thanks to mommy for my pamper treat!! Happy kid here!! :)) Our nail techs was very thorough and careful when they cleaned our nails. There was no unwanted wounding or unsolicited bleeding. Most important thing is that she always asked if she was hurting me and she let me inspect my nails is she missed a spot. 
Hands being soaked
Different color Orly nail polish to choose from

I highly recommend this nail salon if you have extra money to shed. It maybe pricier than most nail salons but the service is great. You won’t feel cheated out of your well earned bucks. They also have WiFi. I really had a wonderful time being pampered, I am sure to come back to Nail-a-holics because I was satisfied with the service and it is so affordable to be so pampered. The staff are accommodating and friendly and their locations are so convenient because they have so many branches. I am sure to go back and try more!! :))


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