Pumped-up Morning!

“Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your Creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday!” 
– Og Mandino

Mr. Sun painted a smile on my face the moment I woke up. Thank God for the changed in schedule, for having an off day today! I need a break! Happy kid here!! :)) And I just knew that it’s gonna be an awesome day for me! My adrenaline came rushing and I took the advantage for the time to get in shape. 

I woke up early around 6am to the drum beats of the alarm. It was the day, so I slipped out of bed, shook the sleep from my body, and pulled on my jogging pants followed by my simple spaghetti tee, sporty jacket and daily running shoes. I strapped on my watch and grabbed my knapsack containing my running necessities. Went to UP oval in the morning for an early run. JOGGING TIME!!

Good morning, SUNSHINE!! Happened to witness a gorgeous sunrise it is! :D I broke into a light jog as the cool, misty, morning breeze touching my face. It’s good to see big green trees that brings you relaxed feeling from all the stress the city brings you. While having my jog in UP Oval there are people who greets me ‘Good morning’ and smiles like they know me at all, is such a great feeling! :)

First time running this early again!! I miss this! Feeling energized and take on the day! Bring in, bitch!! Time to burn some calories. It’s good to feel sweating again! :)) Energy and Positivity is at its peak! Hooohaaa! C’mon!! :)


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