Have you ever felt that feeling of anxiety mixed with displeasure by what you see and hear around you? That you get soaked up in a web of disbelief that you yourself do not know what to accept as true? That you just want to break away from everything and breath? Sure, nobody is perfect. That is what a lot of people claim. And that is what most of them use as an excuse in perpetrating enmity.

The need and want of a person is a dilemma at times. Self – fulfillment is also a matter at hand when choosing between the two. BUT for what’s worth, I believe that happiness should be of great consideration on any situation.

Neutral is like telling yourself to be in the side and not to be on it. Have the guts to choose, whatever makes you happy, be ready for the following consequences… can never be too exciting one’s you do not try to do something. :) Just be sure to yourself if you chose this, you’re ready to fight for it till the end. We never learn too much…..

As people grow older, we tend to have better taste in things like proper choices in words and actions. While others progress, some never do. They merely project their immaturity through less simple objectives like poor judgment of situations and even to the extent of pulling people down for the sake of their selfish selves.

I’ve written so much on my planner for the past months. I can’t believe so much has already happened. And now year 2012 is almost over. Life changes too fast before our eyes barely even notice it.

I’m not so sure where this entry is leading to. Hehehe :)) But after a long long while, I seem to have some “guts” to pour out feelings or rants out in the open again. Or maybe I’m just doing this to pacify myself. There are too many thoughts running in my head I might need that basin Dumbledore used to alleviate my mind of too much thoughts. HaHa

And anyway, you can never really force yourself to grow up before your time. PATIENCE does the trick. 

And, I’m patiently waiting and silently being a little more cautious and a lot more thankful for my blessings. Counting each and every one (including YOU) as I post this entry. 

Thank you for holding and being patient self!! at the least of all things to be thankful for. Learn to live a life of class…..Keep simplicity at its best that as if you handle it!!


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