Thursdate @ Nail Bar

Living in such a fast paced environment tends to make us feel tired and withered long before our time. I know inserting a pamper day on your busy schedule can be difficult, but I tell you, your body needs to relax. Love and pamper yourself  from time to time. Heal yourself!!

Nails are probably the least thing on my mind when I think about beauty and cosmetics. Although I know it’s always in the back of my mind that I need to attend to it every so often. Before I would just settle for the typical salon and bear with the noisy and busy atmosphere of it. But lately, I have been tasteful and really trying to engage myself in my nail pampering processes. I make sure that the places I go to have accessible locations, tranquil surrounding, and skilled nail technicians and had more than nail grooming to offer. I mean, it’s not so often that I care for my nails….so for those times that I do, I think I should give them the best. Don’t you agree??

It’s amazing how the hand and foot pampering services boomed in the country lately. Left and right you will see different salons offering manicure, pedicure, hand and foot spa services at competitive prices.

I will never survive without clean nails. It’s too bad I can’t clean them on my own. :( I don’t usually go for the ‘fancy-schmancy’ nail treatments because for me, the effect is the same. And I really don’t have the patience to wait forever to get my nails done.

Ever since, I’ve always tried on our village’s most renowned “manicurista”, Ate Lorie. She gave me best cuts. :) Until, when those Nail Spa and Salons popping out. :P

When I was invited by my friend to try out services at Nail Bar located at 2nd Street Mendiola, Manila. I didn’t hesitate, I’m glad I did enjoyed every second in there. It’s another nail pampering trip for me. A total treat!! :))

You know me, I have no qualms in trying out new stuff especially if I get to feature it on my blog. Me and my friends had a mani/pedi in their Mendiola branch and it was a total experience. Their services was great. For one, they have a very attentive and accommodating staff. Once we entered the store, they immediately accommodated us and gave us a seat and pillows. They were also very thorough and careful in cleaning, which is one of the things I am really keen on with nail salons. I was impressed at Nail Bar inviting ambiance. They have a nice ambiance which made us wanna sleep while waiting for them to be done. And, with their great service, I’m not surprise that a lot of people, especially students since it was near in the University Belt, were they have their nails done even on a weekday. It’s not pricey, their services usually charge from 100-200 pesos for mani/pedi. Kudos to their team!!

L-R: Ivern, Me, Rai & Jen

I believe girls wouldn’t mind going in since  like other famous nail salons it has a girly, pink, white and green interior. Their couches were huge and comfortable. The lighting was just right. I loved the pink and green uniform the staff members are wearing.

Got the pic from their Facebook page

All the methods done were the familiar mani/pedi. My nail tech, Ate Jessica, was really great in making sure it doesn’t get scrubbed. The manicure started with soaking my nails in their small unique nail soaking dish. Then, with regular cleaning, removing my cuticle and then polish. I informed the staff not to remove my ingrown and side skin because most salons do that without asking. I was relieved to learn that they are not allowed to remove the ingrown. They only remove cuticle and dead skin cells.

They will give you an option to choose Essie, OPI, and Orly. The price depends on the type of brand of nail polish you’ll choose. I was expecting ‘Caronia’ or ‘Bobbie’ but they had these….

I had Orly Nail Polish Blushing Bud shade on I was told it was their best seller.

Definitely! I’ll recommend Nail Bar to all girls out there. It’s a nice place to get your nails done and they have faster service like the other nail salons I’ve tried. The price is reasonable. They offer variety of services, like nail art, body massage, and a lot more that won’t break your budget. For example, a nail art here starts at 150pesos only unlike other nail art salons that charges 300pesos or more. The products they use is also high quality. Once inside, the sense of tranquility kicks in leaving all worries behind. Below is the pricing and services they offered. 

Happy Hour Promo!

All in all I’m incredibly happy with my nails! I had a great day of pampering at Nail Bar with the girls. Living in a world full of stress. We should all find time to relax and decompress. Indulge your body!

So if ever you find yourself in need of a place to relax after a long day at the mall….or just the need to get away, visit Nail Bar, so I hope to see you there sooon!! Ooh! and try to bring a friend with you. Getting some nail pampering is the greatest when shared with a friend. Just the same I spend that day with my girlfriends. :) 

Do you do your own nails or have someone do it for you?? If you like to be treated your nails like a princess then try Nail Bar now! Now point your browsers to their Facebook Page and make your fingers and toes happy!! :D

Stay gorgeous everyone! 


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