Nifty Shoebox of Photographs!

Hey, guys!! How are you?? Long time no post again. I’m sooo sorry for not updating my dear blog just kinda busy preparing for my boards but now it’s all done!! Yeehaa!! :)) Anyway. Yeah, I know, I know. And I bet you already know the reasons why so I need not to elaborate much. :P And I have tons of delays too with regards to my blogger post. 
So allow me to bombard you again with OVERLOAD of PHOTOS and catch a glimpse of my-so-called-not-so-humdrum-life so far with the help of my Instagram account: caireyes. Do add me if you have one. :D
Waaaarrnnniiiinnnnggg!!!! Photos overload!!!

**TGIF at Music21 with my friends and thanks to Ate Aimee for the treat! :D
**Stickers! Stickers! Spending time at Starbucks @ Bonifacio Global City
**Late lunch @ Max’s.
**Duchess. #friends
**Because when we’re together we don’t really give a crap about calories @ Shakey’s. 
**Woop. Woop. Eat Halo-Halo @ Razon’s! 12.12.12
**It’s all about the LIPS!! Soooo vain with my friend Rai. :D
**REVIEW DAYS!! Final Coaching. :D Block 3 – December 2012
**Last day!! Had mass at San Sebastian Church. Fly balloons for passing the boards. 
**After the 7 church visits for Divine Intervention. Rest and drink chilled Taho @ Mamang Taho.
**Coz’ were experts in fooling around. :P
**Going back to my dear Alma Mater. Visit our beautiful and loved sis. Ana & dear professors. :)
There you have it. I realized that I miss blogging sooo much. Oh well! will compensate should I have the time. Just wait…I have tons of thoughts in my mind!! Hehe :)) Have a great day everyone and I’m missing all of you!! ^^,

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