If it’s Christmas in UST, I guess we are pertaining to Paskuhan alone. The annual UST PASKUHAN happened last friday December 21, 2012. UST is filled with people from different universities and parts of Metro Manila. All gathered in one place to celebrate Christmas the Thomasian Way! Paskuhan is one of the best event UST has to offer. It is well-proven to be one of the most awaited events of the students. This is the most awaited time of the year for UST students or not. Everyone gets excited to see the extravagant Christmas lights in the campus. :))

Paskuhan is one of the best events in the whole University Belt. Thousands of students are swarming over the campus. There could be an average of 15,000 to 20,000 people every year celebrating with UST. Other students from other schools are going too. There are tons of popular bands, singers and artists invited there to perform and give testimonials. There are various booths around the campus too with lots of goodies there. The FIREWORKS display. It is more like minutes of non-stop action up in the air. You really see grand fireworks display courtesy of UST.

When we arrived at UST, I was like, WTF! The line’s soo loong!!! But then we had no choice but to line up. Then, when we were close to the entrance, the guards separated the females from males. Again, I was like O.o because we have to line up again! This means we’ll be at the end of the line again!! But I think luck’s on my side. Hihihi So after 3 or 5 minutes, we were able to get inside UST. There were soooo maaaaany people. This was already expected!! It was hot, crowded, no signal, and again, too many people. I had pasta, pizza and chicken for dinner. Thanks to Shakey’s, one good thing that happened that night. With a massive crowd like this in one location, we have come in terms with the fact that network signals are seriously jammed. It’s so hard to send and receive SMS nor do or receive calls.

The second good thing was I spent it with my college barkada! And last good or I mean the best thing…..none other than the FIREWORKS!!! UST fireworks are surely zeee best!! Seriously, I was like aww-ing and wow-ing. The most awaited attraction here are the bands and fireworks wherein students joke around and say that “Hey! There goes my tuition.” Haha
L-R: Me, Bern, Jen and Ivern
L-R: Michael, Gaena and Me
With Gaena and Ivern
With Michael and Bern
Can I just say that UST did a good job in pranking us all? Like, seriously. Great, job guys! If you’re not there, what happened was they kind of let us count to 1 and then some crappy fireworks display happened. And there’s no sound so whatever and everyone was like asking for the sound and stuff and it ended quickly. Well, it’s actually not that crappy but it was far from the usual UST fireworks display. So whatever!

And then we kind of faced in the front again. And the hosts announced something like, “The real Fireworks display!” The fireworks were beautiful, eye catching and most of all its colorful. The night sky was filled by beautiful lights of the fireworks. It was long and that’s why my back neck was aching but it’s worth it. Although it’s not the greatest fireworks that UST has but that thing surprises me and I said “WOW!” because the combination of lights brings happiness to its viewers. The fireworks display took more than 5 minutes and whew the back neck ache is worth it. :) and these pictures happened.
The FIREWORKS DISPLAY!! Grab pic from my friend.
Some attend Paskuhan for them to watch the hottest bands as well as the fireworks. But for me, it’s really the bonding that what makes me want to attend these kinds of events in UST. It’s because I have the AWESOMEST FRIENDS in the world! They’re the craziest, supportive and loving friends I have! Even, if we have our own problems, once we get to bond with each other, all our apprehensions are gone! We never ran out of stories to talk about. That’s what I love about them. We have our OWN WORLD! AND OUR OWN WORLD ROCKS!
With my girl friends. L-R: Bern, Me, Gaena, Sha, Ivern & Jen
Of course that is the time that all of my friends to do some picture picture. My friends loves to camwhore and while where at some kind of event like this, flashes of camera are turning on and off. Even though the others are doing something, they will run to where the designated spot where we will pose. You know it’s like we were destined to be friends because we love to take pictures! Haha! Corny, I say. :p
Pose! Pose! with Sha and Bern :)
Cam-whoring with Jen, Michael and Ivern 
After celebrating the Paskuhan, me and my bestie Sha, stay at Starbucks near UST in P. Noval street to spend the entire night! It was a long walk because we are first timers there so we don’t know the exact location. Thanks to the security guards and the people we asked around the place! Some of our friends go first they still have things to do. So two of us had our GIRLS NIGHT OUT! Hahaha Funny!! it’s only at Starbucks just to wait for the simbang gabi at UST and wait for sunrise and go home. I settled for a toffee nut frappe, and sit on a cozy portion of the store. We had soo much fun. I got home around 8am, nooo sleep yet and I still have to go to my granny’s burial at 11am that day. Phew! It was really exhausting but it was worth it.

Back to the event, UST Paskuhan was really fantastic! Not because it is a gathering of friends, you know, some kind of feeling that you don’t explain and that feeling brings total happiness. That is wicked awesome!! It was really tiring but it was a blast! I miss them so much! I’m looking forward for another trip with you guys! For now, ’tis the season to be jolly!! Happy Holidays!! :D

So what do you say? I guarantee you will never ever regret attending such an event like this. Being a part of this event, I’ll say its worth to come in this event. I really had fun! Until, the next Paskuhan 2013! :))


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