The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Merry Christmas, One and all!
This Christmas has been so wonderful. As well as a delightful combination of busy and laid back. For me, December is always synonymous with Christmas. The holidays, the rush of excitement that comes from finding the perfect gift. How cozy I feel when I bundle up in my jacket, long sleeves, scarf and cardigans for the cold December breeze. :) Christmas is my favorite holiday, anyway. And Christmas time is my favorite time of year, too. 

Hey everybody! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you out there!! Remember it is the season to be jolly Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la so forget all your problems and just have fun! :D If you are on a diet, forget it and just keep eating! Continue your diet next year! Enjoy all the foods that is being served on parties. If you wanna buy something, then buy it! Don’t worry about the money for now. Just go buy stuff and gifts and be broke later. :P

If you are sad this Christmas because you are heartbroken or something, but I hope you’re not! Listen to happy Christmas songs, add them in your playlist, so you could not get all lonely and then go spend time with your friends, special one and family. Go out with them if you want. They will always be by your side. It was quite a fun day. Especially considering it happened after a day spent running all over creation to do Christmas shopping. 

Hey, it’s ME! Greeting all of you a

I am sooo grateful for everything! God knows exactly how I’m feeling blessed every single time as I myself couldn’t measure and describe through words. My family, friends and all the people who stand by me, who have been faithful and true to me, ALL OF YOU COMPLETE ME!! :’) I wish that you all be showered with love, wisdom, and prosperity this season! :))

But there it is, anyway. Proof that despite the fact that I’m still rushing around to bring Christmas together, I do indeed have Christmas spirit, cheer and goodwill. It is the time of the year to be happy and give gifts to the ones you love. So MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!! Be happy and smile!! :)) Let’s remember the reason for this season. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAPA JESUS!! <3 May the blessings keep coming to us all. So let's all be happy this holiday season and just enjoy being with the ones we love. 


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