Girls wanna have fun!

Well, again I had a chance to go out again with my friends so this is always fun. Me and my friend Zackie meet first since we are the ones who came early. As usual, early birds! Hehe Since we’re both hungry and haven’t had dinner yet, we decided to go to Banchetto to eat. I missss it!!! Sooo many foods! Happy tummy again! :))

When our other friends came, we stroll in the tiangges located in Citywalk. I like so many things to buy however, “budget constraint”. Need not to tempted. Then, have some picture picture with those human statues in Eastwood.

with Zackie, dinner @ Banchetto
with the Human statues @ Eastwood
Afterwards, we decide to have some drink at Graffiti. We order a tower of ‘Sex on the Beach’ with a mixed of vodka, cranberry juice and orange juice. Have a ‘pulutan’ of  nachos and cheese sticks. Little catching up and chikahans. 
@ Graffiti + Sex on the beach
Attendance!! Complete!! :) L-R: Me, Zackie, Ivern, Jen & Ate Aimee
This is how I spend my last friday of 2012. It’s always a HAPPY HOUR with these people. Hanging out together with you guys is soo cool and fun! As I’ve said before, our gimmicks always keeps us young! Haha Does it mean I’m getting old?? Nah!! 

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