Another 12 months and 365 days in progress

I know, I suck! I haven’t blogged in a while. I wonder if there’s any ‘blogging juice’ left in my brain. :P I’ll only briefly apologize for the lateness of this post, which I meant to have written up within a couple of days of it happening. But I’m just a ‘little’ girl reveling in a break, so I got lazy and am just now getting to writing it up. But anyway, excuses, excuses, right?? Hihihi
Congratulations!! I’ve made it this far! With that trending “end of the world” thing…Naahh!! Sure 2012 has been a hard and tough year; yet I survived it!! Clap! Clap!

2013 is fast approaching, and whenever a new year is on the horizon I get a bit nostalgic for the one I am about to close to chapter on. I tend to think about all those things I did or didn’t accomplish, and look forward with hope and wonder about what opportunities this year will bring. Another 365 days are ahead of me. What’s in store of me? I don’t know what God’s plans are for me. But whatever it’ll be, I know it would be for my own good.

My 2012 started out quite rough. There were so many challenges I needed to face that almost put my spirit down. It was like a machine gun firing continuously at me, and the tough part was I didn’t die with the first, second or third shot…It wasn’t anything like the real thing. I had to endure all those bullets being shot at me. There were so many things going on and being my normal self who is an optimist, it was not really a pain in the ass. {Sarcastic me! I’m human too! I feel pain! Hehe} Still, I’m thankful! It was not like I had the world’s biggest problem. I know I’m still blessed compared to others.

It’s been a crazy year. I’m sure this applies to a lot people. There are many reasons to be thankful for what you’ve brought about, but at the same time there are also plenty of reasons to be pissed off. I’ve had my fair share of trials and tribulations with you but I can honestly say that I don’t blame you. There are many things that I’ve learned from you. There are many things that I picked up from the pain you’ve brought about but also many good memories from the smiles you’ve brought to me.

Looking back at those hard times, it made me somewhat proud of myself probably because I was able to face them rather than cry in one corner or run. I feel like giving myself a big, big pat on the shoulder now. Haha! :)) Looking back, it also made me realize how God truly loves me unconditionally. Though, I wasn’t really giving my all to Him, He did….He was still faithful with his promises even though I wasn’t really in complete obedience in the past years. He was (and is) answering my all-time prayer: to not give up on me, no matter what, even if I have given up on myself and on Him. There were moments I felt like not seeking Him, but he was still there. He never left and that was what I truly needed, not a timeout with Him. It was God who carried me through all life’s obstacles for the past years. I’m sure he will do the same thing, even more, this 2013.

Then it took me to a cloud, you brought me up so high. Met new friends along the way. You gave me hope; gave me something to believe in. Inspired me and reminded me of what it’s like to have faith, to believe in something you can’t even see, to fight for something that you truly think is worth it.

Last year was not just dark moments. I still had my fair share of life’s ups and downs. My family received a handful of blessings before the year ended. I was able to discover something I can do, career-wise. I had accomplished, even not all, more than what I had planned for the year. Yeeeyy!! :D I made new friends, great friends actually. Most of all, I made a lot of realizations and learned many lessons before the New Year kicked off.

It taught me fear, reminded me of trauma and reminded me that life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to, no matter how hard you believe in it or no matter how hard you fight for it. It taught me that there are some battles you can’t win, that no matter what, friends and family will always be there for you. They will stand with you through thick and thin and they will support you no matter what how hopeless you may seem to them. They will always have your back as long as you’re in the right path and that they will give you advice even if you don’t seem to pay attention to them.

Reminiscing how I’ve lived my life, I’ve realized I’m still missing out a lot in life. I want to do sooo many things and I promise myself that I’ll do my best to achieve it!! This year, it wouldn’t be the same thing. I want a “new” year. It’s not about becoming new…..I just want a better me. I want to look at life from a different perspective. It just feels good when you feel good about life whatever it brings. Life doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be beautiful in our sight, and we can choose to see it this way. Well, this 2013 I’ve got another year, another 365 days to fully embrace and celebrate life’s beauty and goodness, to choose happiness every single day. I guess that’s not so hard to do. While we cannot change the things in front us, the things of the world, we can change our outlook on life: to appreciate more and complain less; to thank God more and question Him less; and to love and live life to the fullest no matter how tough the world may seem.

With that, I say goodbye to you 2012…..I thank you for the lessons you have taught me, the people you’ve brought into my life and the trials that you’ve given me. I say goodbye to you with a smile on my face not because I’m glad that you’re over, but because I’m glad that you’ve left me several lessons which I have yet to learn.

So today, we face a new beginning. A new hope was given to us. We have to set our minds and hearts for what is about to happen. As long as we have faith in God and we believe in ourselves, nothing is impossible. ;) This year let us make ourselves better, wiser and bolder. Cheers to confidence, maturity, witty and love. Always remember that this 2013, a new journey awaits. For those who were part of my 2012, THANK YOU for sticking around and let us continue this little journey that we started. I will greet 2013 with a big resounding hello and I can only hope that it’s as great as you’ve been to me.

2013 here I come!!! Just walk, talk and enjoy the roller coaster ride. :))

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! HAPPY 2013!! Let’s welcome it with a banggg!!

**Sorry it’s kinda long for first entry this year! Too many thoughts to share.**

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