Mini Reunion with my Avida Family

Last January 6, 2012 we had a “mini friend’s reunion” at Greenbelt and it was delightful! Finally, I could be with the friends I had missed so much. Reminiscing the moments, bonding and “kalokohans” we had for staying together for almost three months in a same condo, same building tower and two floors away but of course in different rooms. Hihihi :P 6O, 6S and 8F are numbers we’ll never forget. We are almost complete – Me, Bern, Sha, Gaena, Paige, Yo, Bobby and Josh are present. I’m kinda sad that Mommy Gina wasn’t able to attend and this calls for a round two. Communication was minimal, yet our hearts had remained close. Some friendships defy space and time.

This is one fun-filled day of laughter, togetherness, about hundreds of pictures, camwhoring and photoshoot, dawdling and fooling around so it takes twice as long to get where we need to go, and did I mention laughter (coz’ there was a lot of it)! HAHA! :)) And by the way, it takes us almost an hour, deciding where to eat and choosing what resto to have our dinner. Finally, since it’s getting too late we eat dinner at Italliani’s. Pizza, Pastas, Chicken fingers, Mussels and smoothies. Sooo bloated!! Happy tummy!! Thanks to Joshie for the treat. :))
Dinner @ Italliani's
Dinner @ Italliani’s
Seriously, when my friends and I get together we have the best time ever! Yeah! My friends are the greatest. I know that everyone had a great time and we’re already planning subsequent mini reunions because we enjoyed each others’ company so much.

But hey, let pictures speak for themselves.

Photoshoot on a sunny afternoon @ Greenbelt 3
Photoshoot on a sunny afternoon @ Greenbelt 3
Camwhoring at night!
Camwhoring at night! Girls and Boys!
Fooling around on the camera and dinner @ Italliani's
Fooling around on the camera and dinner @ Italliani’s
Attendance!! Present!!


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