I appreciate the points made in this article and I agree with some. I just love this post. This makes me feel normal. I really like this because although I am not this kind of girl – I am my OWN kind of girl – a couple of these paragraphs really speak to me. It’s actually great that you’re being honest about yourself. And I think many — including me, aren’t like that. We say we’re not THAT kind, but we actually are. We try to control our feelings and behavior, but we lose it sometimes. We just aren’t brave enough to admit that we’re just like that.

I really admire people who are 100% themselves and uninhibited about being authentic to their feelings, of loving fully and being heard. I strongly believe that if you are with someone who cannot understand or accept all of you, they DON’T deserve you. No one should be ashamed of how they feel or how they love.


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