Something to be proud of

I had bouts of voluntary insomnia and restlessness before the results of the December 2012 Nursing Licensure Exam was released. Every day, my friends who were also nursing grads and I would hunch over the date it would be out. Much to our dismay, we never really succeeded with our predictions. The results were out last January 30, 2012 (Wednesday); I think it was at around three o’ clock in the afternoon. I didn’t really anticipate that the results will be posted early than the expected released on the mid-week of February.


I was at the mall that time, killing time while drinking my large wintermelon milk tea, having no idea that the result is already posted online. When I check my phone, I have five messages from my friends telling me that the result has been posted. Funny thing I have no load to reply but I’m stuck in my chair with my heart beating too fast and shaking knees. Gaaaahhh!!! I held my phone and waited for some trusted people to inform me coz’ damn it, I wasn’t really brave enough to check my name for myself! I was awaken by the incessant ringing of my phone. One of closest friend whom I called “kambal” is calling me…As I’m trying to compose myself, I just answered the call. Guess what?? She gave with the news that I had passed the Licensure Exam for nurses and congratulated me for passing the board exam! I PASSSSED!!! I screamed with pure joy and absolute disbelief. I was like telling her, “Seriously?? Are you sure??” I’m so in denial, I also ask her to send me print screen evidence that my name is on the list. Haha :)) As soon as I hung up, I go home and while I’m in the FX there is an unexplainable happiness running in my nerves. Up to this single second, I still can’t absorb that my name will be added by two-letters R.N!!! Immediately, when I got home I checked my Twitter and Facebook accounts which were all loaded with notifications. It’s one of those times (one would be during your birthday) when you’ll realize that people actually notice your existence.

When I confirmed that my name is on the list of passers, I quickly told my mom and dad, “Mommy, Daddy RN na ako!!!!” They hug me and congratulate me that at last all my hard work and sacrifices results good. Oh God! TO GOD BE THE GLORY. I looked like crazy girl. I JUMPED. I CRIED. I SHOUTED. I SMILED. People of the Philippines, I’m RN naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! HAHAHA that was the only time it sank in.


As luck (or fate) would have it. I passed the Local Nursing Licensure Exam. 16,908 out of 49,066 passed the December 2012 Licensure Examination with a national passing rate of 34%. And behold, that 34% of happy happy passers included ME.

I was passer #13540. Yay! :)

My celebration didn’t stop there, thankfully. People around me sort of expected that I would pass, of course, some are not and when I did, well, let’s just say the congratulations and applause were a bit lacking in the excitement area.

Anyways, although it seemed to me that I was the one up in the clouds about it all I relished my achievement. What’s next is this newly registered nurses fight and flight through the jungles of the health care system.

S132 - Thank You Fairy Much

I also want to say my SUPER BIG THANK YOU to all those people – friends and family, [you know who you are] who pray for me, stay by my side, for making me strong and for words of encouragement. :’) VIRTUAL HUG for you guys!! >:D< I appreciate all the congratulation greetings I received from tweets, texts and wall post. FLYING KISS to all of you!! :)) :*

I FREAKIN’ PASSED THE BOARD EXAM!! Wooooohoooo!! Sooo happy and smiling!! :) Thank you Lord God for all the help, guidance and blessings. :D ALL PRAISES TO GOD THE ALMIGHTY! :”>


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