I was filtering files in my lappy when I saw this poem I made when I’m in high school if I’m not mistaken. I just caught myself smiling while reading it I realized how “emo” I am way back in my high school years. I don’t even remember the reason or the story why I came up writing this poem. Hahaha :))

STUCK (Original Poem)

Here I am, doing nothing
I hate this feeling
Like I’m here, but I’m not
Minding no one, just myself
Like someone cares, but they don’t
Hearing silence keep ringing in my ear
Like I belong somewhere else, anywhere but here
I’m here hiding…hoping no one will find me
In the depths of my lonesome self
No one’s here
Everyone’s minding their own thing
Everyone’s outside…having fun
Smiles and big grin in their face
Can’t talk to anyone…
Can’t turn to anyone…
‘Cause nobody cares…
They all gone…they all left
I’m alone
I’m stuck.


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