Oath Taking: Full Pledged Registered Nurse

There were 16,908 board passers who took the Nursing Board Exams last December 2012. About 34.46% survived the nerve-wrecking NLE. Regularly, those who pass the board will move on to their oath taking ceremony to formalize and receive their licenses then practice their profession.


Nurses have full of responsibilities and most of these are life threatening and life-matters therefore, we as new nurses shall pledge that we must do our best to do these tasks with the best way that we can.

We had our oath taking ceremony at San Beda Church. The Oath taking Ceremony was organized by the PNA (Philippine Nurses Association) and it encompasses Pledge to Profession and Pledge as a member of the said organization, the program also entails us to meet our new superiors; the Board of Nursing as they gave us a warm welcome and an inspirational speech as well.

Yesterday (February 11, 2013) could be considered as one of the most memorable days of a nurse’s life. And it was indeed a very special occasion for all of us who have managed to battle the odds and survive the battlefield with our coat of armor still intact. Though the war still rages on, with the unemployment rate of registered nurses skyrocketing to record breaking figures, it’s nice to leave all the drama and chaos even for just a while and marvel in the fact that, heeeyyyy, we now have the right and the privilege to put those nice two little letters R.N. after our names. Woot! Woot! :))) It was nice to see us wearing our gala uniforms (thank God mine still fit) again.


We first celebrated the Thanksgiving Mass before the oath taking proper.

Board of Nursing member, Honorable Leonila A. Faire preside the ceremony. Before the actual pledge, she first imparted a message saying that after we take our oath, there would be no turning back. She added that most of us have different reasons and motivations in taking up nursing but it was not a coincident why we were where we were. According to her, out of the 49,066 who applied for the test, and out of that number, 16,908 passed. Who knows how many would practice nursing but with or without jobs, a nurse would always be a nurse. She shared her insights and extends her congratulate to all the NEW REGISTERED NURSES. She is such an inspiring woman who has all the -guts to share her knowledge and wisdom to everybody. She also got some striking points she shared that made me listen to her attentively. “Struggling towards nursing excellence” this phrase has given me few thoughts of “Oo nga no..?! Struggle in nursing…” But I learned that from all the struggle – people personalities, faculty staffs, lectures, examinations and duty – it helped to know that I can survive from all those and by the grace of God – I am a survivor of BSN!
Board of Nursing, Honorable Leonila A. Faire


Me and Zackie = Happy kids!! :D
with Jewel and Carla

I would also like to share the part where Hon. Faire permitted us (New RN’s) to give round of applause to our parents. I believe that my parents are very proud of me too. I would also like to take this chance to praise and honor my beloved parents who never stopped pursuing me even to the most down moments even my last resort is “to quit” being a nurse. I believe they take their time just to pray for me, most especially the board exam. I am not a quitter that is why I never stopped desiring. Moreover, God has plans too. God is just so great that He made me feel that I have decided what are right and I thank God for the wisdom that He has given me.
with my loving Mommy and Daddy :)
Bona fide CHSian Nurses unite once again for probably the last time *sniff* as these newly registered nurses take part in a once in a lifetime ceremony with various colleges and universities, their respective Deans and the Board of Nursing (BON) themselves in attendance.

It’s really nice experiencing the every step of becoming a professional, but we must bear in mind that in each step there’s a corresponding realization of the saddled responsibilities. We are not here just to work and earn but to serve and care.

Right now, we already pledged and spoken our vows thus the responsibilities is now put up with, and from then on we should practice professionalism through the things taught to us in school and being open too for the remaining facts in our future field.

Professionalism in a way what the nurse do, Professionalism by the things we give care without asking anything in return, Professionalism in a way of empathizing our patients concern, Professionalism by simply being a RN = Real NURSE = Nourishment, Understanding, Respect, Stewardship, Exciting :)


Nonetheless, I still feel that this was just only a dream and the hangover of passing the NLE where I jolted in surprise & couldn’t stop my tears running on my cheeks as I saw my name in the list of NLE passers. I couldn’t believe myself I belong to these survivors and now here I am – a full-pledge Philippine Registered Nurse. I believe this is all because of God’s grace. God is good. All the time.

Yes, this is it! I made it! This is not yet the end of my journey. But this just the beginning.

Only the formal registration at PRC and I’m good to go. I guess there really is no turning back.


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