Not another teenage post

It’s one of those days wherein I feel impatient with my life. Routine has always been one of my pet peeves and I hate being trapped inside one, it feels like sucking the vigor and verve out of me. I hate waking up every morning not being thrilled about how another day will go on. Probably, history is just repeating itself for I remember having the same disposition in college. Maybe it is a bleak stage after. I swear to God I’d kill for a twist right now. Sometimes my interest in this freakin’ so-called life faded away. I hardly find neither the strength to keep moving forward nor the will to continue in spite of the obstacles. I found it can be very boring at times.

Okay! stop complaining, Cai!! This is the chosen path in the very beginning and I shall complete it. All I need now – McDonalds Chocolate Sundae to bring some sweetness and to relieve the stress. Leave regret, move forward. Tomorrow another better day. ♥ Anyhow, if I’ve overpassed it before then it won’t be a problem to do it all over again. Patience. Patience. Patience. More so because I now have better things in my little pocket in the occasion of rainy days.


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