A Day In The Life Of A Sellout

Yeah! Kinda story of my so-called life…I’m pretty sure this is a piece about how it feels to have to trade in your independence to perform a job and simply exist. Taking that first step of blind faith can be hard. Taking steps in a positive direction, following a glimmer of hope and a glimpse of a dream, opens the doors for things you never even knew you loved or were good at. It’s a way cool thing. I think that if you want to follow your dreams, if you really believe you could be successful doing it, and then do it. That’s not to say it’s easy. I wouldn’t be able to sit here and tell you that it is. It’s a work in progress. Some days are wicked awesome; others get the best of you. It’s about arming you with the right tools and letting that spark catch. And together, together we’ll discover our purpose.

Thought Catalog

Wake up with alarm at 6 a.m.

Hit the snooze exactly four times.

Get out of bed at 6:42 am.

Turn on your cheesy motivational playlist, and sing along to exactly 2 songs while showering.

Try not to think too much about the monotony ahead of you today.

Get dressed. Skirt, tights, blouse, heels, blazer.

Put in headphones, head to subway. Listen to more relatable songs about following dreams. Relatable in the sense that your life is that first part of the song where someone is unfulfilled. Not the happy part at the end.

Get to work. Buy large iced coffee. Smile as you pay. $2.02.

Sit at your desk. Take a deep breath.

Check email for any possible responses to job applications. Nothing.

You spend 5 minutes doing actual work. You struggle to find motivation. What are you really accomplishing? Are you doing anything worthwhile?

You try to find…

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