Behind It All


Did you ever wonder that anything – perceptible or imperceptible, existent or non-existent, visible or invisible, fact or fiction – has an explanation, reason, theory or mainly a purpose? Everything! Has a reason behind. The laptop in my table stays there for a reason, there is a reason why your cellphone got stolen, why people walk away from you and you became strangers, why you have this life, setting aside the truth…your bias in choosing a blue shirt for whatever color you chose…THERE IS A REASON. That’s why I believe in the adage that, “Everything happens for a reason.” In everything lies a purpose. Some, we simply know in advance, while others would take a moment before we realize, before we become fully aware of it. I love surprises!! I love surprising myself. I have this habit of placing money bills in between pages of books, notebooks or even pockets of bag. Time pass and I would forget where I had placed that bills. But when I need it, BOOM! It pops up! What can I say surprising myself is indeed helpful? Why do I make fun of myself?? Using these non-sense tricks?? But mind you, sometimes I hate this. I know that everyone experience this feeling, it is when-you-need-something-it-nevers-shows-up and when-you-don’t-need-it-it-flash-in-you-face. I would always tell myself that on everything that happened, and will happen, there lies a reason and purpose. Probably now or soon it will make sense to every detail in my life.


Each day is a page that we ride on. Our destiny is all written, but the beauty of it, is on how we will make it happen. It’s like a movie; we are our own director, the actor/actress, writers and even the audience. Yes, there are second takes, but of different kind, different effect and of a different twists. We have our free will to choose what makes us human, and what defines our individuality. These external factors only contribute to how we achieve our goal and in the end it’s still our own decision that will make a change. Only YOU can lay your cards.



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